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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JrodXD, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Hey blades well since I broke my bong I had to buy a new one with 50 dollars that I got for Christmas so I bought this, but I want to know what kind of perc it has and if its good or how does it differ with the three arm percs also my friend threw in a sick sneak atoke I think it's called a baseball bat anyways it's titanium

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  2. nice band-aid
  3. Little cousin put it on aha we are at family's house.
  4. Percolation happens at the water. What you are talking about is a diffuser.
  5. You have a diffused down stem, and what looks like a dome perc. Dome percs are basic percolators, I prefer a tree over a dome. But they get the job done!
  6. pretty nice piece for 50 bucks
  7. How would I go about filling it with water
  8. The shop owner also told me that its a new age perc and its upside down or something

  9. I would fill it half way up the dome. You can change the levels to your preference as you get a feel for the bong.

    I have only hit one bong like this before, but I always considered it a basic method of percolation. I'm not knocking your bong, It looks like it rips, just saying personal preference. And I'm not sure about the upside down thing, that makes no sense.
  10. Another dope glass bong nice!
  11. Yup I had to tell my buddy what happend to the other one so he made do with 50 I had aha
  12. And a free sneek atoke also a bag
  13. [quote name='"JrodXD"']

    Yup I had to tell my buddy what happend to the other one so he made do with 50 I had aha[/quote]

    $50 bucks? I am extremely jealous i really like it, like alot

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