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  1. my friend said he has some that are about 500 mg
    and all you need is 1
    he crushed his up and drank it with seven up soda

    i looked up on erowid and they did not have that much info on this drug
    are there any serious health issues with drug?
    I know that it can be addicting if taken daily.
  2. hes lying..percocet is oxycodone and APAP or tylenol..they may have 500mg of tylenol but in terms of oxycodone its either 5mg, 7.5mg or 10mg. witha light tolerance 20mg is cool....higher tolerance 40mg or so?
  3. Percocet is a brand name for oxycodone. The 500mg in those pills are acetaminophen, and that does not get you high, the oxycodone does. If you use it responsibly, there really is not that many serious health risks, but acetaminophen in those pills really damages your body if it is used to much, and oxycodone itself can be very addicting. Its an opioid, so it is somewhat related to drugs like morphine and heroin.

    I personally do not use oxycodone, except for times when it was proscribed to me, but just be responsible and you will be good.
  4. hah cool

    reminds me of when that white dude goes to james franco in pineapple express & his homie is asking for percocets.. funnyyyy ass scene

    have fun with that
  5. Yeah it's fairly safe in moderation.

    My real reason for posting: I remember a guy on here saying something like "I once sucked a gay black mans dick on a train for his percocets, no joke"

    Thought I'd share that XD
  6. I took two 5mg/500mg Percs around 3am and am still a little bit buzzed. It's 7am about now.

    I had a question though, to anyone that could help me. I'm starting school again next semester and my Dad's insurance will cover me once again because I'm past 18, which means I either have to live with him or be in college for the insurance to be active.

    I was just wondering what I could go to the doctor to complain about as the best way to get some sort of opiate painkiller. The insurance premium will be low and it will cover the doctor visit and the prescription so while I have the oppurtunity I want to at least get something out of it.

    I actually do have a sort of legitimate reason though, because I tore the tendons in my ankle twice and have scar tissue build up. Working at a place where I am standing all the time causes my right ankle to get sore after I get a chance to rest and take my weight off it. I dunno if that kind of pain will result in some opiates or a kind of muscle relaxer....
  7. You will need a couple of them to feel anything, and thats assuming your normal size or weigh less than the average, and have no tollerance. For a first timer 10-15 mg will have you going good.

    God dammit I need a perc right now my back is killing me.
  8. I'm pretty sure he said the black guy sucked his dick AND gave him percocets in exchange
  9. Yeah haha true that.

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