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Discussion in 'General' started by motion, May 6, 2006.

  1. I just got 11 5 mg(oxycodone)/325mg (ap ap) percocets. Imprint reads "512". I was wondering if it would be considered safe to pop 5 of them? Im 6'1''/150 LB. I have been reading around and can't really find much on percs - just OC. Will I be alright health-wise?
  2. noo noo not 5 take 3 youll feel fine
  3. ya dude i just got one of the same exact things but only one im gonna rail it later tonight and il get back to you
  4. I've railed 2 5 mg's after I smoked, once. My body was all warm and itchy. I was a fucking rock for probably an hour.
  5. 5 is all good man. Thats 25mg you should be set. As long as you got somewhat of a tolerance
  6. I've only done it once and that was like 1-2 months ago.
  7. Then you should start on like 3, maybe 4.
  8. "Oxycottin xanax bars, percocet lorazipam, it's all up for grabs, whachu wan, wachu nee, hit me up a gachu man, wachu wan, wachu nee, hit me up I gachu man"

    Lil white


  9. alright man, heres the goods haha

    i have the same kind and i am bigger than you and 3 makes me pretty numb feeling and euphoric so 3 or 4 oughta make u damn near passing out
  10. I pizzops 4 about 2 hours ago, cuz you guys made me all sketchy about 5. Im pretty fucked up right now thats all I can say. Trip report later, ima go sink into the ground.
  11. i popped 4 as well about 20 minutes ago and ate 3 flexerils to chase em

    lol sink into the ground....i know the feeling. i feel like i am sliding deeper n deeper into this recliner and am loving every second of it
  12. Last night was pretty chill. I was home alone, and I was just chillen out back listening to all the sounds. It was really hard to stay awake, though. I popped them around 7pm, effects started at around 8pm, and I was ballin by 9pm. Passed out around 11. Woke up this morning with a mild head-ache.
  13. that sucks bro. i didnt have a headache today at all, but it was hella hard to stay awake last night. i kept falling asleep for 5 minute intervals then waking myself up from snoring haha
  14. sweet i get tons of perks and vics i just take 4 of them 512s and im on the boarder of pukeing which i can controll and im 6'1" 155lbs enjoy that shit the buzz is hella tight
  15. 5 is a pretty big dose, if you've got 11.5 mg pills. if you take pills a lot (like a LOT) then you could probaly handle 5, you might even need 5 to get where you want to be.

    but if you dont have a high tolerance? start at 3 unless youre really TRYING to puke. i bet two of them would get me pretty good, but i dont actually like nodding hardcore. have fun, be safe.

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