percocet and acetaminophen question!

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  1. High guys and gals,

    last night I popped about 2.5 percs, these have 10 APAP and 625 acetaminophen per pill...

    my question is, it's now been almost 24 hours since the hour that I took those pills, I should be in the clear from the acetaminophen right?

    I don't wanna kill my liver or kidneys!


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    1. the 10 is the oxy and the 625 is the apap
    2. it will take like 3000 of acetametophen daily to kill your liver and it will take like 20000 at one time to kill your liver
    3. to kill your kidney you would need to take 6 a day for 10 years
  3. so I'm good or not good?

    I should take them or not take them?
  4. go isnt that hard to read
  5. haha, just nervous, thanks...
  6. Tylenol = APAP

    You're safe at around 4000mg's of acetaminophen after every 24 hour period but don't make it a habit, it's harsh on your liver.

  7. hey i take it you were in a crash wearing no seat belt.about 2-3 months ago i was in a horrible crash hit a car straight on going 70 getting a ride home from a drunk friend broke my leg in 5 places and shattered my ankle.also about 2 weeks ago i was in another crash wearing know seat belt again cause i was with a friend that was fucked up on bars an heroin an cokeand passed out on the wheel,but luckily this time no one was hurt even know im still in a cast.

    ive learned my lesson,just thought i would past that on to people that ride with fucked up people not a good idea and always wear a seat belt
  8. lol shit man, you are lucky

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