Perception Is Reality Is Wrong

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    Is perception, reality?  The short and simple answer is no.  We can look at it many ways but the most simple way is this.  If whatever we perceived was true then we would have millions of completely different worlds that are perceived by everyone at the exact same time to make one reality.  The answer is simple,  reality is perception.  Consciousness is a by-product of reality. 

  2. Perception is not reality, as reality is not perception. Perception is based on the individual's point of view. Reality is what exists despite[b/] one's perception. We perceive colors in a particular way, but they act completely differently than our eyes translate them.
    Perception = Subjective
    Reality = Objective
  4. But wait, can we perceive reality objectively? Such as whatever goes up comes down. We can't twist that fact to make it fit our subjective wants correct? (I'm far from imaginative so sorry if it sounds wierd)

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  5. The saying means whatever you perceive is true to you.
    Ex: A red green color blind man buys a new car. To him he is driving a red car. To the rest of the world, his car is green.
    The car the man sees is red therefore to him it is red.
  6. Reality, to me, seems to be the consensus of multiple perceptions.
  7. Everyone is a little bit psychotic.  Everyone is a little bit delusional.  You wouldn't be normal if that weren't the case.  The human brain is delusional and psychotic and that's our reality.
  8. My perceptions are molded by the culmination of my experiences, they are the lenses through which I view reality. 
  9. there is no 'outside' reality that is true
    the only thing that is real is your reality..
    its like when you ask someone with glasses 'how blind are you'?
    their blindness is relative to how blind you are
    i try not trust what everyone says, because what they are saying is only aninterpretation of what is happening on the outside.. and honestly idk how blind they are... i might not want their beliefs
  10. My perception of reality isn't distorted but a realization due to using my senses. I notice that realists tend to figure out how the world works as a whole such the economy, politics, society's views, etc. How can one be entirely wrong if we have different cognitive functions that perceive things differently from each other? It's only wrong to the person if it doesn't correlate in their mind and this ends up escalating  into an pointless argument if neither understand on both parts. 
    I have a three dimensional mindset so my mind is analyzing shit 24/7. 
  11. ^well put
    many people try to force others to accept their point of view.. there really is no point
    i had a class discussion with a professor about objective/subjective reality...and i was upset with his answer
    what i should have told him is that the economy isn't objective.. there is no one place where i can go and pin point economy, knock it off its stilts and make it crumble
    its the same for politics.. you take on a mental frame work like communism and you close off your mind to other ways of thinking.. and people are willing to give their left nut to prove their framework is right
  12. Fixed.
  13. It's human nature man, the instinct to be right will always be in the framework of human beings. There really can't be a definite answer if the question is debatable, subjectivity is meant to be questioned in able to find the divine truth.
    Some people's minds are like gates, they only open when they want but mostly stay closed. You can't really talk with a person that stays committed to their internal views because if you do try to challenge them, it will end up in cognitive dissonance and paranoia (atheist vs. theist). We shall keep the gates open! 
    You are incorrect about the economy, that is an objective thing and if you want to look for a specific spot in it that weakens it and makes it crumble it's monetary expansion.
    Politics is just an expression of people's desire to control other people. There are very few real political issues that don't involve ordering other people around.
  15. i get you... the economy can be measured and what not
    what im saying is economy in its relation to the individual
    for example everyone spouts off that there is a recession in the u.s., people pick it up in their everyday language and start to embody that idea of lack..
    'oh there's no jobs blah blah..'   well they are making their reality a viable proof for an idea that is produced outside their own mind
    by being stuck in that thinking there is no space to open up to new ideas that are better accommodating than those that solely focus on the opposite of what the individual truly wants
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    Positive thinking will not reverse the ills of bad economic planning however. I understand where you are coming from in the sense that many people who aren't affected by a poor economy seem to let it infiltrate their mindset however the actual things about the economy(a lack of jobs, a lack of growth) are tangible things that are the result of bad fiscal policy. Whether or not people allow these things to effect them is one thing, but I find the notion that continued negative thoughts help fuel a poor economy to be a little bit ludicrous. So is(IMO) the idea that thinking one way consistently somehow bars you from opening up to new ideas. I'd say a denial of objective truth and more often than not intellectual dishonesty are much more the culprits when it comes to stagnant thinking.
    Here is something related to what you were talking about at the end, watch the whole thing, the video drags a little at the beginning but gets better as it goes on.

  17. cool man.. i took the time out to watch it and that last bit is similar to what i am talking about...
    that video is spot on in many ways
    one thing though, which you mentioned, is that i dont necessarily believe positive thinking out performs negative thinking in anyway.. positive thinking is also illusive and the mind can be tricking us to believe something when we dont feel it.. its false 
    im also not saying that negative beliefs propel a bad economy (maybe in the grand scheme it does) but i am saying beliefs(ways of thinking) are propelled by the emotion behind them and can stagnate a person to experience one thing over and over...
    its the brains auto response... and if someone wants new experiences they cant rely on the same autoprogrammed thinking they may currently have
    Perception is part of the objective world. Without perceptions, nobody can see or hear or taste anything... I agree there is a subjective world where truth comes into contact with interpretation, but your perceptions are entirely realistic, and "subjective" and "objective" are just words anyway.
  19. Words that represent ideas and have meaning.

    Imo human perception and instruments of perception are too limited to ever know the ultimate truth of anything.
    So how can those words accurately represent the meaning of existence, into subjective and objective realms?
    and the ultimate truth is infintely large as it is small, so humans are allowed some good knowledge in between

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