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Pepperoni Nipples

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by SmokeeTheBear, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. Alright, I've got some big ol' nips there's no denying it, and I've always gotten shit for it haha. People's reactions vary, some girls dig em, some gal's don't, but they're always good for a laugh or two which I think is their best quality :laughing:

    What are your opinions on nipple sizes, both on girls and guys.
  2. I fucking love me some big ole battery nipples on my girls. Real fucking talk.

    Now that's a good 300th post.
  3. I like all nipples in cold weather. Even better when they still perky but it isn't cold :cool:
  4. i love thick and long nipples....
  5. i like all nipples as long as they arent deformed or creepy looking. my girlfriend has bigger nipples right now but i love her a lot and that transfers to every part of her so ;)

    i could see tiny nipples getting boring though, so idk
  6. I love tits period. Nips size doesnt concern me. However, nothings better than when you KNOW your doing your job by the perk they get. Gotta love me those hard perky nips when shes aroused :)
  7. I got some pretty big ones myself.smokee were brothers now. I got your back yo.
  8. haha i think ronis are gross
  9. Nothin better than those national geographic nips!!!
  10. See, just THINKING about them makes you laugh.

    I've actually had a bitch tell me she wished she had nipples like mine... on more than one occasion :laughing:
  11. I find it so funny when guys nipples get hard, like after he takes his shirt off, lol, especially if theyre really small
  12. Just like to add that in general, women don't spend enough time on men's nipples. That shit feels goood.
  13. Ive never played with male nips , idk?
  14. I have some small ass nipples haha.
  15. That's why I don't mind having "bitch tits". Cause.. who doesn't like bitch tits??? :cool:
  16. lol as a guy im happy i dont have werid nips.
    i would not feel comfortable as a guy getting attention for my nipples

    if the girl is hot im not gonna turn down some semi werid nips. like pretty wide outter ring (pancake nip). unless it covers like the whole fucking front of the tit i FUKS WITH IT

    side note: i do have a kid of big/fit gluteus maximus lol. i used to get comments on it being big when i was fatter. its fittened up significantly lol. twas very huge
  17. I don't notice nipples that are larger or smaller.... the only nipples i recognize and do not like are when someone has goat nipples. :)

    Except this one guy, his nips were about the size of mine and my tits are huge. My nips aren't that big, but certainly bigger than a dudes should be.
  18. My left nipple looks like I got 2 nipples
  19. I try, they won't let me.
  20. Men play with women's nipples.
    Women play with men's balls.

    My nipples don't need to much attention.
    If I woke up tomorrow morning nipless, I wouldn't miss them.

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