Pepe Le Pew

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  1. Hey guys, just picked this little steamroller up from a friend who is cashing in some of his old pieces for a new bong... pretty neat scenery on the outside and the bowl is huge (you can kinda tell from the pics) also, the smoke travels through the internal skunk and out its ass like he's spraying you in the face. hope you like the pics! :smoking::smoking:

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  2. that is the coolest steamroller i have ever seen!
  3. Looks nice. Steam rollers are way intense and underappreciated.

    I like the name and the skunks. Now you gotta smoke some skunk outta it.
  4. haha thanks, ya at this point i'm more of a "glass collector" ... i had a bubbler, spoon, one hitter, one of those cool helix pipes, bong, vape... i figured (other than variations like inline bong, double bubbler, etc) that a steamroller was the only other style i needed... plus the fact that the skunk actually sprays is pretty sweet :p
    it's more of an art piece than anything else... but still hits like a champ :D
  5. PS that's it? lol
  6. that skunk is badass!!! nice piece.

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