Peoples, what do I do??

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  1. Yeah so I woke up to possibly the nastiest thing ever. It takes some major thought process so try to comprehend why this happened.... it makes no sense what so ever. Anyways, to make a long story short.... my cat shat on the oven... ontop of the damned oven...
  2. Clean it up?
  3. Cook it than put it in its food dish.
  4. Put it back in the cat?
  5. nice, very nice, I hope you intend to give him a tutorial on how to do this
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    u teach your cat how to take a shit in the SHIT HOLE (the kitty potty)
    so what u do is, if u see the your cat take a shit anywhere, u take that cat and show it too him and say BAD, U FUCKIN BAD BOY and one little hit, not too hard
    and another leason is, put the shit hole in your bathroom and your drinkin water bowl in the bathroom and close the door, that would teach him how to take a shit in the shit hole..
    that how i did with my cat and now, MAN HE FUCKIN SMART!!!! he like a dog,

    oh, if its hairball then just pick it up, hairball comes out unexpected
  7. What is it with all the stories involving shit in this place ? :confused::confused:
  8. Kill your cat :D just kidding dont do that :p
  9. Cats are very intelligent creatures.. From my experience i can only assume you either A. have not cleaned your litter box(probably not even the shit off the stove either)... And your cat is expressing you inadequacy.. Or B. Your cat is upset with his food and would either like your food or a different cat food.. My cat sometimes would climb on my bed at night and pee on the blanket where my leg was and I would wake up and that cat would get tossed across the room into the wall because I was so pissed.. Now this is horrible and don't ever hurt an animal. They will not learn from abuse.. Only compliments. The reason my cat was doing this is because he wanted out side to play in the middle of the night.. Kinda mean to not call a vet and ask if you experience continued probs.. Cats are smart as shit so I believe it is under an expression type issue..

    Just my 2 Cents
  10. The catbox was clean, thats why it blows my mind. But yeah I cleaned it up and now when I look back on it, it's pretty hilarious.
  11. Fry that shit up, man. Nothin' beats cat feces and eggs for breakfast.
  12. It's true, animals don't learn anything by you showing them something they did and then hitting them. I've done this before with 2 out of my 4 cats and it has only accomplished in them avoiding me more and even running out of their way when I walk through the house. It's easy to condition them not to do something by just spraying them with water whenever they do it, but I think the best idea is what someone said about checking its diet or figuring out if you're neglecting it in some way.

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