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peoples contact info

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cali_Toker, May 19, 2003.

  1. the other day i tried to get on and it was down. Thats when it hit me, if this site were ever to get taken down for selling pipes and what not thered be no way id ever know or be able to get in contact with the owners of the if you dont mind could you people post your email address for me so incase something bad ever did happen we'd still be able to get in contact and hopefully start up a new site.
  2. man the same thing happened to me, but i was really baked and i freaked out!
  3. so there's a backup plan now? I was lost when the city when down the other night.
  4. my aim is budhead42o the zero is an o.Just im me sometime i'll talk if ya want.

  5. cool thanks. I flipped out too , i seriously thought the dea took grasscity down or somethin i was just like 'oh man all those stoners i dont get to chat with anymore , if only i had their contact info'
  6. if the site ever gets shut down the admin/supermods will probably e-mail us to let us know about the plan B. i could be wrong though... i don't even know what plan B is, lol. i do know though that this subject has been brought up before, so i'm pretty sure things will go relatively smoothly if GC gets shut down.

    technically the only thing the DEA can do is block access to the shop... according to the constitution these forums are perfectly legal. so long as we keep doing our jobs as members and follow the rules about selling/distributing/age, etc. related posts.
  7. This site isn't based in the US anyways so the DEA can't do that much.
  8. if were to get shutdown, as far as i klnow, SJ will e-mail everyone and the site would go ......i.e. holland it can't be shut down then........don't worry about it..........Peace out.......Sid

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