People you cant stand during t-breaks

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  1. Hey guys, I've just joined the forum and figured I'd do a thread about something that's been kinda upsetting me lately.
    I've been smoking on a daily basis for about 6 months until I started taking 1-week-long tolerance breaks about 3 months ago.
    I find taking breaks to be really helpful and overall good for me, it keeps me from building any relevant tolerance and I'm saving lots of money which is good since I'm a student and the money I earned working this summer are slowly yet unavoidably running out:)
    Now, of course t-breaks aren't all fun and games to me either (I tend to feel bored/nervous way more often than when I'm toking), but they can also be enjoyable from time to time. The only "serious" problem I'm noticing is the fact that whenever I'm on a break I end up arguing or feeling annoyed by one of my closest friends, whose company I really enjoy otherwise. 
    She's not particularly into the weeds and barely ever joins me when I smoke, yet we always have a great time together when I'm not on one of my breaks (I'm not talking specifically about when I'm high, I mean whenever I'm not on a t-break).
    I find this correlation to be really strange especially because I used to like spending time with her before I started smoking, now I just can't stand some of her behaviours whenever I haven't been smoking for more than a few days...
    Has anyone here ever experienced anything similar? Any advice on dealing with mood swings during t-breaks?
    I'd also like some general advice on t-breaks, but I guess I can find plenty of that by just browsing some old threads:)

  2. Sounds to me like smoking weed has allowed you to pick up on your friends flaws, but also helps you put up with it too
  3. When I'm not smoking I get some crazy road rage.  Its a 180 from when I'm smoking because I'm extremely laid back... extremely...
  4. Yeah, that's what I think too... I guess sooner or later I'll start being aware of her flaws even while smoking, won't be nice :/
    Eh, that's one of the main reasons why I take breaks and am considering the idea of taking them more often.. I wouldn't like to get to the point where I can't stand not smoking at all. I got very close to that before I started taking breaks and didn't like the idea..
    Smokin' every day sure has its pro's, I just don't feel like I'm cut for that at least for now (aaand i couldn't afford it atm anyway  :cry: )
    out of curiousity, is your name a reference to a Slightly Stoopid album?
  5. Well my housemates all smoke everyday which is usually great because I'm always surrounded by weed. But when I'm on a t-break it sucks because I'm surrounded by weed haha
  6. good answer
    I think this is the reason.
    but don't worry about noticing her flaws, you gotta remember that we all have them and it's what makes us human. if you can learn to accept them you won't resent your friend and you will be a much better human being as a result.
  7. Same here. I think weed made me pick up on one of her flaws (she's never paid for anything in her life. Daddy's little girl. Expects everyone to bend over backwards for her) and it kind of snowballed from there to the point where if I'm not high, I can't stand her.

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  8. I can't stand most of the people I work with, stoned or not. I've had a manager scream at me multiple times and me call her out on her shit, then leave me alone. Some of those occasions were when I was stoned and or drunk as fuck like I am usually at work.
  9. What is it that annoys you bout her?
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    wow, as soon as I quit my last t-break I completely forgot about this thread for some reason  :rolleyes:  :bongin:
    I'm glad I got some good feedback, this really is a cool forum
    That's exactly what I was going through when I made this thread, it's like you were describing that friend of mine  :(  I'm sorry you're facing it too but I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem... I've been avoiding her lately and that sure made things easier for me but I should probably try to follow SpungeBong's advice, I reckon he's right even though sometimes it's hard to put up with some people's flaws

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