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People who tell other people how to smoke..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ThatCaliSun, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Lately I've been seeing a lot of people getting critizied for how they smoke, even me. I hate it when I take a small bong rip and people are like wtf man that's weak. I can take BIG rips but I like taking more small rips as it's a lot easier on my throat.

    Do you guys notice people like this or have friends that say stupid shit to you just because you didn't feel like coughing a lung out? :rolleyes:
  2. Fuck those people man, they have to understand that smoking weed isn't a competition. As long as everyone is getting high let them smoke the way the want and how much they want. Thats just my 2 cents.:smoke:
  3. I use a vaporbowl. I like to just keep drawing on it and never pull the bowl out therefore i leave alot of vapor in my bong. Someone got mad at me for that so I cut him off and made him watch me do it again cause it was all my shit :)
  4. People just need to do them. "Imma do me and you do you." Thats what I tell people all the time.
  5. Not judging but I would say that too if it didnt sound so damn ghetto :) I feel like Ive heard it in a movie before. Maybe Mike Epps said it
  6. exactly, fuck the people who tell you that shit? if everyone is having a good time and getting high, let them smoke however they wat :bongin:
  7. the same amount of smoke is reaching your longs no matter the size of the hit. you can take 1 huge rip, or 3 small ones...your still absorbing the same amount of thc. you may feel higher initially because more thc hits you at once than spread out a bit, however i think the high is practically the same.
  8. If you were talking to me, which I think you were. (If not then Im gonna feel like a dumb ass lol) Its from a song by some nobody rapper named Rocko lol I like the remix only. He spells it "Umma do me" Ultra ghetto lol
  9. Haha... good enough. Im sure he isnt the only one saying it...but I agree. We should all do us...for shizzle.
  10. Fuck yeah! Thats the way everyone needs to think.

    The only time Id tell someone how to smoke would be if it was there first time or if they werent inhaling lol.
  11. this:smoke::smoke: to each his own
  12. I`ve never been with people who`ve told me how to smoke, nor got mad at the way I smoke. People have come off a little disappointed that I didn`t do a fat rip on it, but then again, much like what stated earlier, I`d rather not cough up a lung. :smoke:
  13. great friends don't criticize each other they just share the green :smoke:
    thats my nice way of saying, fuck those fools.
  14. i agree with you all but you need to be taught and shown numerous times how to rip a bong before you can do it right, and when you're doing it wrong you're wasting weed and it's harder to pull it. Because smoking a bong is an art.:bongin:
  15. as long as they aint ***** lippin im good
  16. I've never had anyone do that to me because I don't hang around kids, but that mentality reminds me of fraternities or something, chug chug chug pussy!
  17. so if its my weed I will tell whoever I want how there going to smoke it, also I have a friend that will try to take the biggest hits but will cough the entire hit out before it gets to his lungs I bitch at him for this all the time
  18. The only time I say anything to anybody else is if they aren't clearin their shit. I hate having to finish off other peoples stale ass rips before I get to mine.
    The statement all my friends know me by.
    "What the hell You're not done! Clear this shit dude! Fuuuuuuuuck"
  19. Smoking isn't a competition haha if it hurts your throat just take smaller hits. Usually me and my friends goof off though and challenge each other to clear the freshly packed bowl in a snap but other than that nobody cares if someone smokes .05 grams or 2 grams it's all about getting high and having a good time.

    Edit: Also if they don't clear the bong when they pass it to you, just take the slide out and blow air through the downstem and it will relieve the bong of the stale smoke.
  20. I can only take little hits out of a bong i just cant take big hits i cough all my weed out then its waisted
    So i take little hits
    Im lucky enough to have my group of friends who i smoke with they dont care how i smoke
    I also prefer my homemade bongs over a store brought because i custom design em and shit

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