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people who live in L.A(909,626,714,562)area

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by lilman0322, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. heyy i live in this area and i was just wondering what kinda bud do you guys get here????
  2. kush, dank from the med clubs..everyone here gets it from the clinics so its always pretty bomb.
  3. 909 is not los angeles... 323, 213
  4. You're forgetting 310, 424, 562, 626, 661 (kinda far, but part of it is in LA), and of course the good old 818. LA county is a lot bigger than the greater LA region.
  5. im 310/323/818 and ive gotten purple kush, og kush, nyc diesel, blue dream, and most recently: hash (my dealer believes he's started a revolution. silly stoneners)
  6. 714 is orange county....

    Just look around dude south cali has some bomb ass weed. And they have med clubs to.
  7. 626/818 here and i mostly get pretty dank stuff
    i only know one guy that has a card and sells but even then the dealers usually carry some bomb weed for a good price
  8. 949 as well, southern CA gets great buds why ask :p
  9. Im in the 949. O yea some good buds going down here. Well thats with everywhere in cali.
  10. Yeah, I've lived almost everywhere in CA, and there has never been a problem getting dank.

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