People who have a lot of bongs....

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  1. I see people always looking to buy a new piece but they already have like 2 or 3 really nice bongs, I don't get buying multiple bongs. Can anyone give me a little bit of insight on this? Thank you.
  2. I love having multiple because I enjoy smoking a variety of pipes and I like having a nice collection. Buying glass is also quite addicting
  3. Yeah I assume its just addicting to some people. I don't have any doubles of a specific kind, but I've almost got one of each.
  4. Got two Möbius pieces lol
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    Same reason some people collect baseball cards or stamps or anything really. Only the stuff that I collect I can smoke out of!

    After I bought my first straight tube and was introduced to higher-end glass, I've had this compulsion to add newer and nicer stuff to my collection.


    I can say that each of my smoking utensils has unique hit and I like to switch it up!

    The Sovereignty stemline is my daily driver that has the perfect balance of diffusion/flavor, imho.

    The Toro Prop tube has an old school rip to it, with less diffusion, but an awesome propeller that spins when you clear it.:yay:

    The 18" Everest with Luke Wilson 6-Arm and Sheldon Black A/C is for when I have a sore throat and need extra diffusion.

    The 4.0/E. Ross bubbler is my prized worked piece, and gets used for small little rips when I get some really choice, tasty nugs. Otherwise, it's an investment for when MJ is legal in MN and I can get concentrates on a regular basis.

    Last but not least, the Micro Frothilator is my travel piece. It's such a solid little piece that I trust taking it on hikes and whatnot. The hits aren't the smoothest for flowers, but super flavorful.

    How's that for a little insight?:bongin:
  6. I get bored extremely easily. You could give me the greatest piece ever made and if I continue to use just that piece I will get bored of it and want something new. I need to change things up.

    Kind of like females with purses/shoes....except bongs are actually worth the money we spend on them :D
  7. each bong gives off a different smoking experience, and its good to mix it up, so your body doesn't get used to the same kind of pulls, if u get me...
  8. Lol it's like collecting anything. Why does jay leno have so many cars when 1 car will get you from point A to point B. Different cars have different functions and or feel when you drive them, bongs are that same thing. Plus it's a hobby like anything else. Also it's functional art, art that looks fucking wicked that you can smoke out of. Why do people pay SO much for paintings?
  9. i have a friend that will buy a really nice piece, smoke it till its full of resin, then throw it away. he's been doing this for years. its like a tradition of his now! and it makes me so mad cos he's had some amazing pieces and the bastard just smashes it instead of selling it.


    i have one of each kind of piece - pipe, bong, mini bong, 2 bubblers (sherlock & hammer), vape, metal pipe, one hitter, stomp pipe. i've had all these pieces for years now and i'm still not bored with them. they've gained quite the reputation
  10. the only reason i get more bongs is because it's fun and normally ill look for a bong that is slightly better then the last one i bought tho IMO name brands are bs
  11. dude if he just throws them away i would be digging through his garbage unless he like breaks them

  12. Yeah, definitely something wrong with someone who throws money away like that... I hope they're not like Toro or SG pieces! :eek:

  13. yea he breaks em. there's only one piece he keeps and thats a 2 perc weedstar. but this dude makes so much money he just pisses it away like its nobody's business. definitely a lil crazy, completely harmless though haha

    the nicest piece i personally watched him smash is this green glow in the dark pipe he said he got for 80.
  14. Shiiiiiiiiiiiit lol. I thought he was smashing some high end stuff. If it's just weedstar then fuck it lol.

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