People Who DON'T Smoke Weed

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  1. I love Mary Jane.

    There is nothing that makes me happier than sharing my love of bud with others; especially those who do not smoke at all.

    I started smoking about 5 years ago, but really did not begin burning religiously until 2 years ago. As seasoned tokers, I do not need to explain to you my feelings and reasons why I smoke all day; I am sure you understand.

    The public's perception of pot smokers really does amuse me. I laugh off the PSA's and ridiculous "facts" my parents drop about the negatives. It is when those who are my own age scoff at my habit, that it saddens me.

    That is why nothing gets me more excited these days then convincing a non-smoker to try it.
    This isn't some sadistic weird thing, its that I haven't introduced MJ to anyone who has doubted it after ACTUALLY opening their minds and trying it. Who woulda known you could actually smoke weed and not hallucinate or kill someone?! aha

    I say that, to say this...

    I recently wrote a song with the premise of sharing the wonders of herb with others and would love to hear GrassCity's opinion on it.

    Check it out here ...

    [ame=]YouTube - John Kerr - Stoner Chauffeur (Get It In) Prod J. Frank[/ame]

    Let me know how you guys feel.:wave:

    And please share the song with your like-minded friends if you are feeling it!
  2. "I know I'll get her there I'm a stoner chauffeur."

    Pretty solid line there man, I dig it.:smoke:

  3. great shit man... not ganna lie you got fuckin' talent bro ;)
  4. Thanks a lot you guys...

    JR, that's a dope song dude
  5. i love it, its got a nice late night chill feeling to it. :smoke:

    if anyone feels like it check out some of my music (Tvoss op MySpace Music)

    i havnt updated it in a bit, ive been working alot with the guitar lately, plus i need one more piece of hardware to get my people recording.
  6. Thanks bro.

    You got some fire on your song. Easy to blaze too!:smoke:
  7. dope ass raps bro, i wish i could come spit some bars with you
  8. Really do appreciate it all GC.

    Trying my best to spread my music around as much as possible; please do so if you enjoy it.

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