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people trying to buy from your personal stash?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JoshuaBr, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. so a good smoking buddy of mine texted me today and asked if i could sell him some weed (im not a dealer obviously haha) but as i am currently dry at the moment i told him the truth and directed him towards one of my dealers.

    but after i was thinking that even if i had weed, i would be very reluctant to sell from my stash and mightve lied to him. i mean, am i just selfish to be annoyed by this or should i be willing to help out my friend?
  2. Nah your good. Don't lie to him though. Just tell him you only have a little bit for personal use. You don't have to say how much, just say a little for your use.

    I never sold from my personal stash. Ever. If you can't get shit from a dealer, too bad. Wait like everyone else.
  3. It would honestly depend on the situation for me. If I had anything less than a quarter there's no way I would normally sell someone a piece of it. I would normally just send them to one of my guys typically. But if a good friend was in a tight pinch and just wanted a quick gram I probably wouldn't mind helping him out if I had a reasonable amount. I wouldn't lie, though. As blunt-man mentioned, just say you only have enough for yourself. .
  4. I've sold friends a little from my personal stash. Usually nothing more than a gram or so. Say I pay $45 for 3.5 grams, and sell 1 gram for $20. I'm already almost half way to my next eighth. Its a good way to make/save money, IMO.
  5. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I usually only buy 8ths or quarters, so I don't have too much anyway.
  6. If a real friend asks and I have it, I would have no problem helping him out at my cost.

    Why so much tension in here?
  7. My friends usually loan me a bit when I'm out and that is cool because they know I will pay them back. Sometimes I will ask to buy from someone only if I am to lazy to hit up my dealer and I want less than a dub. But I usually make it worth their while if they are reluctant like say 10-15 bucks a gram. They have the same dealers and I know they get hooked up fat.
  8. if one of my boys is trying to smoke that badly I usually tell em to come over and burn one, not trying to get that cash flow between us going
  9. [quote name='"SixtyEight"']I've sold friends a little from my personal stash. Usually nothing more than a gram or so. Say I pay $45 for 3.5 grams, and sell 1 gram for $20. I'm already almost half way to my next eighth. Its a good way to make/save money, IMO.[/quote]

    Pretty much this. Anytime someone asks me for weed and I don't wanna waste time going to a dealer I sell out of my stash. Make money and help a buddy out. Why not right?
  10. Pretty much like you as far as bud goes. If I have it then I'll give a little bit to some friends. Usually when this city goes dry its only a small area or one side of the town. So if I need help one week my friend might be calling me for help next week.

    Like the other day a friend of a friend needed a couple nugs because a stressful day. I gave them a few dank nugs then they gave me a relatives phone number who has dank. The person didn't smoke that much so they got more then they could want. I got a good connect who is related to people I know so I know he won't beat me.
  11. i ask my cousin to sell me like a gram or two if he has enough. instead of finding weed on my own cause i only have like 2 connects.
  12. I have a few friends I will help out. Just some people who only smoke a few times a week, make a gram last a week or so. It does get annoying though. I'll pick up a q, then the next day someone asks me to get a g. So then I have 6 for 80. While that is cheaper, I don't want 6. I wanted 7. Lol

  13. same here. i mean if my friend needs a quick nug or two im fine with it but idk about selling grams. i mean isnt that what dealers are for :confused_2:
  14. Hell yeah all day, I usually can pick up quarters from my dude all day long so in the end it saves me money on smoking weed.
  15. It depends on how much I have and how easily I can get some more.
  16. Yeah my friend asked me today if she could buy some. I'm happy to pick some up and get it for her, especially since I need to re up, but I wouldn't sell it from my personal stash, unless I had A LOT. Like a quarter oz.
  17. I always tell them that I use Cannabis not sell it, but I will share a bowl.
  18. If I have enough for myself I'm more than happy to hook people up. I would want them to do the same for me.
  19. If they just want to borrow a gram or buy one I wouldn't mind or put up much resistance, as long as I have more then 2 grams left. But then again I only sell to friends.
  20. I woulda sold it to him. thats more money in your pocket you could buy back how ever much you sd him or spend that money on something else like munchies

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