People that act like assholes when high

Discussion in 'General' started by iloveskywalkerog, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Have any of you ever known or know anybody that is just a complete mean asshole when high. I really never understood how people could be mean while high like seriously

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  2. What makes you think they're acting?
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    ^ what he said
    I feel like cannabis just amplifies your social tendencies (atleast sativa dominant strains), if someone acts like a giant tool douchebag them being high isn't going to change that fact.
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  4. Sorry I meant that are

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  5. wouldn't overthink it...I'm really shy and if i'm with a bunch of people high i finally get a chance to talk sometimes I come off as too loud and naturally when Im nervous around new ppl i crack jokes and sometimes they r jus asshole jokes because in my mind people have thick skins and will take one for a joke but nah lol
    so yeah I might be that asshole. if anything pity me don't get upset over what people say high. theyre high.
  6. I hate this too, it's like they smoke a little weed and a switch goes off in their head they turn into a different person. It's like they let the high of the weed take them a little too far up or something. Like c'mon you can't let a drug change who you are it feels a little ridiculous sometimes. 
  7. Not assholes, but I have seen a lot of people act more stupid/annoying when high.

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  8. I think socially stupid is a better word for it. I've definitely had aggressive vibes come across when I totally didn't mean them. But because you're stoned you're also unable to articulate that you didn't mean something in some way and by the time you've thought through all of that, the moment passed and you look like a dickhead.
    There's probably a good chance they feel worse about it than you do. Unless they're just an asshole on the regular.
  9. fuck you op (sorry i'm high)
  10. Some people are just assholes normally then they smoke and instead of being happily stoned like theyre supposed to, they become super assholes
  11. i've seen alot of people act like assholes when high...
     I don't associate with them

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