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  1. Most people I know around PA have little to no knowledge on glass. The only two companies that get any respect are Illadelph, RooR and Medicali. That's cool and all, but most people sound like idiots when I throw out names like SG, SGW, Toro, etc.

    Truthfully, I didn't know much about glass until I joined the city. I just find it funny that people will say your glass isn't as good because it isn't one of the three mentioned above.

    (As as side note I just picked up a name brand 20" fixed stem shower perc and I love it).
  2. Most close friends have no idea. I know 3 kids with fake roors and they think they are real. Lol.

    Nobody i know has heard of Toro, SG, SGW, HVY, SYN, LW, Everest, Sheldon Black... ect
  3. I'm from Maryland and goto school in PA. Most of the people I goto school with that smoke know their glass and if not we definitely educate them cause of our collection haha. I agree that it is pretty pathetic how many people around here think Illadelph and Roor are the best/ top quality. definitely argued about it. but those people are just retarded
  4. Honestly, who cares? When did smoking weed become a " I have to have the nicest shit, and know all my shit" Last time I checked weed was just about smoking weed, china glass, acrylic bong, joint, blunt, who gives a shit, smoking is smoking, and if you put more to it than that, your a well qualified weed snob.
  5. SG, SGW, and Toro are all really good. I don't think all RooR or Medicali are that great, I know a couple people who have US RooR and they overpaid a shit ton for them, they aren't that special just Rasta labels with ice pinches...depends tube to tube if you ask me. Unless you are using $400+ you can expect to get ripped off even by "name" brands from time to time.
  6. >The only two companies that get any respect are Illadelph, RooR and Medicali.

    i lol'd.

    but yeah, most people don't know jack shit about heady glass.
  7. I own china and i own customs, they all get me high, and they are all rotated into use. I dont care where its made, Although I would of course prefer to have an american piece.

    And to me, Its the sense of pride and a symbol of hard work and responsibility that a high end piece instills upon me which makes it better than going to a smoke shop and getting a cheap piece. But thats just me.
  8. For me it's not a matter of who owns what glass, it's more of a matter of people who claim to know everything about glass when clearly they only know a small portion of reputable glass makers.
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    lol not to call myself a weed snob ( :rolleyes: ) but there are plenty of pieces i won't smoke out of. for example - some dude handed me a plastic steamroller the other day..DIRTY as fuck! and with a metal bowl. AND with dirt(commercial) in it! am i a pot snob?? yes! get that shit out of my face now!

    besides that though..not such a big deal. clean glass and nice nuggs=win
  10. sinse needs to post just for his sig

  11. i've done that as well...i'd rather not get high
  12. and come on...really..if you are on this forum, you are a pot snob to some degree (for most people here!)

    all my friends say it..and i just agree now. no, i do not want to smoke dirt with you! shit just gives me a headache
  13. Well since TORO originated on the east coast, all I can say to this thread is that you just don't know people who follow functional glass art. It doesn't help that shipping glass into PA is illegal and many companies will not do it.
  14. I'm gonna let you know that first bit doesn't work in the city... Just sayin'
  15. thanks for posting sinse...i think your sig sums it all up
  16. LOL! So your saying the only thing you care about is weed. Good for you... the whole thing just derails when you (the one who cares about weed and weed alone) calls people who care about weed AND glass.. weed snobs. LOL! :laughing:

    It would serve you well to sticking to what you like cause this telling other people off about what they like thing isn't working for ya. ;)

    Didn't see your post earlier... but you knew I'd be here eventually. I get off work, update myself on the internet (GD, BM, GD, TC, FaceBook, Mlive, CNN, Huffington, MINORML, What, RLSLOG, PrettyMuchAmazing, GottaDanceDirty, HypeMachine, etc) then go about getting high and enjoying the day. ;)
  17. hahaha awesome.

  18. Exactly. Some people would rather be called a well qualified weed snob, than a stoner, pot head, or a recreational user.

    Like myself, I don't think that smoking weed is smoking weed. I think there is a much better way to do it=glass and danks, compared to say regs and papers.

    My opinion of course, just saying that being called a weed snob in my book is a compliment.

    There are high quality, and low quality tubes for a reason.
  19. im not saying i dont enjoy good weed, cause i do, but ill smoke mids if needed, though i would always have dank. I just dont see a huge deal in the glass you smoke it form.
  20. Find a friend with some good glass. Hit that shit mayne... then you'll see.

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