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  1. Get off my damn nuts.

    Every time I run into someone who knows me it's like they think that kissing my ass and being a yes man is going to get them free/hooked up shit.

    If you do that kinda shit, you need to grow a fucking pair.

    Anyone else hate that damn shit?
  2. Yea back when I used to hustle I hated that shit.. You can have people do whatever for you cus they know you have money and large amounts of whatev
  3. Everybody does it. Some people are just more obvious than others.
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    Getting people to do what I want is the only good part, because I can tell em to go run and get me something and then leave. They come back like "OH NO WTF WHERE DID HE GO?" and then proceed to blow up my phone while I ignore them.

    I think my popularity has something to do with getting the best shit in the county and being very picky with who I work with.

    Either way it gets really damn annoying.

    I don't really agree with this. The 4 good friends I am with every day don't ask me to hook them up and don't kiss my ass or go out of the way for something retarded.

    Mutual respect is the whole reason I hook em up with fat shit.
  5. fuck yeah dude, totally agree, when i sold, people always thought oh if i go chill with him he'll smoke me out and hook it up, unless you got money, or are a good friend, or im in a good mood, you aint gettin shit. kiss-asses annoy the fuck out of me.
  6. QF-motherfucking-T ^
  7. Take advantage of it, fuck em over. Chances are they're scared of u.
  8. qf-mf-t
  9. Oh, I do take advantage of it.

    If you put yourself out in front of me acting like a suck up and a pussy, you damn well better expect to get used.

    It still makes me fucking sick that so few people have a back bone or pair of their own.
  10. yea those kind of retards i ignore another thing that pisses me off is when people r stingy n greedy as fuck.... when they're cool ill hook em up good
  11. I don't really know about this. I have a few friends that are heavily in "the game" and I treat them with the same respect as any other person. I know girls are always on your nuts trying to get a free smoke but i've never heard of human slaves... that's a dope fiend for ya
  12. +rep, not only because I agree with you, but because you have a badass avatar.

    Lol, I've been walking around going "FRO RLY? YA RLY!" ever since I saw that.
  13. Haha thank you! Its good to see you back too.

    +rep for the "FRO RLY? YA RLY!" too! :D
  14. I'm in Georgia visiting my parents and they don't have the internet, and Wi-Fi is out of the question.
    I'll be back when I'm in Florida.

    I can add rep when I add more rep to other people. I've already given you some apperently.
  15. Shit, I feel you on the no internet, it's the same way when I go up to NY. It kills me because I have my laptop with me and I'll pick up signals that I can never connect too.

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