People like this still exist?

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  1. [ame=]Video: Racist White Lady Calls UPS Man A N**ger! + Gets Him Fired From His Job[/ame]

    First she calls him the n word, then she threatens him (Dem whiteys will kill you!), then she slaps him, then she goes on this racist-rant on how blacks are stupider than whites and then the HE GETS FIRED!? Goes to show who has the power in this country :rolleyes:

    If you ask me, the mail-man handled that very professionally and he should take that bitch-ass-cunt right o court. Gawl, people like this piss me off "I'm not racist, but right now you're acting like a fucking ******!" MMMKKKAY? If you use a 'racial-slang' in a derogatory manner towards someone else, you may be a bit racist.

    "You killed MLK, you niqqas turn on each other, you're stupid, you're dumb!... Your IQ's are lower; and so therefore, the people you need to help you, you don't believe in. My mom taught at a black school and I looked at the IQ's." :blah: Yeah, yeah you dumb-ass cracker.

    Bitches like this make me want to paint the white from me.

    On another note, my cousin is getting married to a black dude and they already have children together. Strange? Not at all, but mi abuela--bless her heart--will point out on any given day a mixed couple and say "That's not right." Oh how times have changed.
    My step-brother is dating an African-American and they have a child (not his, but still he's taking the role of 'father')When he graduated from college, his grandparents didn't say one word to his girlfriend or even acknowledge her existence. Apart from being rude as fuck, his grandpa has been sending him voice messages, letters (maybe e-mails, if the old fuck knows how to work a computer) telling him that he is making a BIG mistake living with a black girlfriend.

    Anyways, times have changed why can't people see?

    Pissin me off

  2. Yeah they definitely do.
  3. Black power
  4. Well then...

    We must destroy them :devious:
  5. Video isn't working for me, what'd he get fired for?

    It's people like this that make me feel bad about being white...
  6. Wanted to punch that bitch so hard in the face. Her eyes alone make me want to.
  7. What a dumb bitch.. Dude should have smacked that hoe up.
  8. When did it say he got fired?
  9. I honestly enjoy being around black people more than white people.
  10. This is what i fucking hate about america.
    Not her and not him but the government for allowing all this just for their benefit.

    If this was where i live, i'm pretty sure she would'v been reported missing at the spot.
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    That's not racist at all.
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    No,I have black and white people in my family and all the white people in my family are stuck up and selfish and just plain out douchebags.
    The black people in my family are cool and generous and I even smoke J's with my black cousins every once in a while.
  13. There will always be filth roaming the earth unfortunately.

  14. Stereotyping :laughing:

    Racist if it said every once in a white.

  15. You're right, it isn't.
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    Yeah, definitely not racist in the least bit.
  17. Really. All the black people Ive met were gangsters, wanna-be gangsters, or just assholes

  18. Nope, not a bit!
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    You're a good man.

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