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"People like marijjana"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SlaughterDog, May 24, 2010.

  1. This was something my general physician said to me, quote. This was after I asked him if pot can cause panic attacks, when I visited him after I had my first panic attack, which happened to be while I was high. I like how he openly said that though. Don't you think that is a good argument for the legalization of it?
  2. no unfortunately its not a good argument especially when ur going up against super conservative freaks who like to fuck their sisters and kids
  3. The first time I got high I had a really bad panic attack. Now keep in mind that I already had panic attacks before I started smoking, but this was one of the worst. But weed didn't cause the panic attack, there were a lot of other factors too. After that time, though, I never had a panic attack when I was high. The herb helps me chill out now :smoke:

    And I think that your doctor's quote is a weak argument for the legalization of weed, for sure.
  4. I'm all for legalization but that's one of the worst arguments you can use. There's plenty of people out there who like to shoot heroin, fuck 3 year old kids, and murder people, should those things be legal as well?

  5. Heroin? Thats up for debate. The last two things obviously should not be legal.
  6. Heroin is just as bad as those other 2 things. Heroine ruins lives. That shit isnt anything to play with and should never be legalized....

  7. Heroin is not as bad as murder or rape. Someone who is murdered or raped had no choice in the matter. Someone who smokes or snorts (not everyone shoots up) heroin is only harming themselves. People who want heroin will eventually find it, regardless of its legal status. So we might as well legalize it and make it safer and stop funding criminals.

    Mind you I'm only playing devils advocate. There are two sides to every issue.
  8. Unfortunately no. Remember, there are people who enjoy killing other people.
  9. yeah he's talking for the argument of victimless crimes, such as all drug use. there is no victim, just the user that takes the risk, and there you have it. also, your from nj which is cool :hello:
  10. .

    also who has the right to tell YOU what YOU can put in YOUR body. all drugs should be legal no matter how dangerous and addicting.
  11. That's ridiculous. The government is just looking out for our best interests by keep heroin, cocaine, meth, etc illegal. It's a totally different story with weed. Some drugs, namely ones that are extremely addicting and can potentially kill a user easily, need to stay illegal for the best interest of the public.
  12. This.

    It's all about personal choice. Regardless if the government think it's in your best interest.

    If they catch you doing something which is only damaging yourself what do they do? Oh yeah completely ruin your lives by putting you in a building for the next 10-20 years and treated like a killer / rapist/ pedophile. All these other criminals taking pleasure by inflicting pain on others. Drugs are personal involvement.
  13. Lol, no why should anyone be able to tell me i can't use heroin because it hurts me? What if i don't care? Why should someone else be able to tell me whats in my best interest and then completely ruin my life because of that personal choice i made? If the government really want to protect the people they would have rehab centers where you can be weaned off of the drug your addicted to, not just forced to stop using it and have to experience withdrawal.
  14. but morphine,alcohol,oxys,adderal, and benzos are totally safe and none addictive. if someone wants to do coke it being legal wont effect rather they do it or not... as long as there an educated adult no one should be able to tell them they cant ruin there lives if they want.

    i could send my 11 year old brother downtown to buy an eight ball of coke right now and the dealer would sell it to him right now no questions asked. and who knows how many dangerous discusting things it was cut with. and he wouldnt know how strong it was so theres a possibility of ODing.

    but if it were legal. he would have to find someone over 21 willing to face a feloney charge to get him some blow. and it would be much safer and more pure.
  15. This is, by far, one of the stupidest posts here.
  16. If the government was looking out for our best interests then twinkies would have been banned decades ago. Manufacturing cigarettes would be punishable by death and Alcohol would be fueling our cars rather than destroying our bodies. Marijuana prohibition was strictly a racist political stunt that got completely out of hand. Kind of like what's going on now with the teabagger and birther movements. Which, I might add, is the biggest threat to marijuana legalization to date and will probably result in medical marijuana law repeals. Look at what's going on in Montana. But I digress.

    The trouble is, the entire nation has been brainwashed to believe marijuana is as harmful as heroin, cocaine, meth, etc.. The government has it's marijuana prohibition talking points and they will not stray from them. Come hell or high water.

    The main point we should focus on is the that you cannot die from marijuana. Everything else can and will kill you with habitual use. The government only acts to place drugs on the schedule 1 list by the death statistics and violent crimes statistics committed under the influence.

    Marijuana fits none of the categories listed in the schedule one requirements. They had to manufacture a reason. That reason was, no medicinal value. Therefore that made it a matter of public intoxication and "public menace" and voila, Cannabis was banned.

    So the DEA must stand by the claim Cannabis has no medicinal value. This is getting harder and harder to do with all the new studies coming out stating the opposite is true. Now it's just a matter of the DEA covering their eyes and ears and saying, "I can't hear you!" over and over again. It's pretty damn childish and pure politics.

    State by state, people. State by state.
  17. You know what should be illegal? Tobacco. In the us it kills more people annually then any other substance or activity.
    Cannabis should be legal for many reasons, but I won't list them here, I bet this thread will go for like 10 pages of people arguing like the first page.
  18. I totally agree with the above two statements. I never said weed was anywhere close to as bad as heroin, etc, and if it looked that way, my bad. My only argument is with the logic behind ops argument.

  19. Yea sorry, I was the one who brought the argument off track. But like I said there are two sides to every issue. Obviously some things should never be made legal.
  20. Same with alcohol.

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