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People In New Jersey/new York: How Much Do You Pay For A Quarter?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tree Of Life, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Kansas

    250 oz
    150 half

    I dunno after that I don't cop it
  2. upstate ny here, grow my own. Street prices are $100-$120 for a quarter of dank but if you buy straight from the grower you might pay half :hide: 
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    Upstate NY, $110-$120
    ^Upstate grower? hmm....
  4. $110-$120 for a Quarter...
    I'll be moving away soon so fuck these bullshit prices...
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    A gram 20- 1/8th-55$ and that's all i know never gotten any amount higher than that. and im in CT so we should have the exact same prices depending on the dealer an the bud
  6. This thread is a perfect example of WHY everyone should get out and VOTE for any pro MJ candidate you have in NY/NJ. Prices are crazy high compared to states that have medical. Vote to legalize it and the prices come crashing down.
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    All depends on  the guy tbh, this is eastern long island
    Top top notch  (shipped over, always got a strain name)
    50 an 8th (lowest quanitiy)
    100 a Q
    190 half
    280 ounce
    Oil is always shatter and is 70 a gram pre weighed from whever he gets it shipped
    Cheaper guy for no name dank
    40 8th
    80 q
    150 half
    Edit:  something a lot of you guys dont get, we pay more because we live in a desireable part of the country.  Would you rather save 10$ on weed and live in the middle of no where or live 30 minutes from nyc?? Easy choice for me
  8. eighth/$45
    I've lived in Cali, and WA,NYC,...been countless other places too.
    Even in expensive ass California grams are no more than $15...I was getting medical grade shit for $10 in San Diego. Same thing in Oregon,Colorado and when I lived in Seattle. Those are pretty desireable places to live...and all of them don't have harsh laws like the rest of the country, and better attitudes towards marijuana in general.
    I'm pretty sure it has to do with weed not being in abundance like it is on the west coast. You have people who can grow legally in Cali up to 99 plants....and yes they DO sell that shit on the street. It's not a coincidence that the states near medical states are cheaper.
    We have harsher laws,penalties towards marijuana over in these eastern states as well. If we had medical marijuana flooding the streets, and less harsher penalties towards marijuana I would like to believe our prices would go down.
  10. Cheapest gram I ever got was $20.
    Cheapest 1/8 probably $45
    Cheapest quarter ever was $90

    Those are the very cheapest, which don't happen very often unfortunately. I usually pick up eighths for around $55 but then again, what else can you expect on the jersey shore?
    NY and NJ (and CT) have medical MJ
  12. Top shelf eighth- Anywhere from $10-$45

    Top shelf Q-$60-$90

    Top shelf Half Oz-$120-$160

    Top shelf Oz-$280-$320

    I love cali

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    is that a town in NY or NJ?
  14. gram - 15-20
    8th - 40-50 (usually 50)
    qt - 80-100
    half oz - 130-160
    oz - 250 
  15. 45$ a eighth
    75$ a quarter
    145$ a half
    250$ a oz
    But that's for amazing stuff up near the capital Albany.

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  16. NY

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  17. 50 1/8
    100 1/4
    160 half

    It's not peer pressure, it's just your turn.
  18. I thought these prices would be cheaper than what I pay in fl.
  19. Upstate ny 80 qtr. my guy also sells in bulk 250 oz 900 quap. Bud usually comes from the west coast or canada usually always vacuum sealed if buying in weight.
    Just a lil hint if you want cheaper prices you need to find a guy who's on the wholesale level but doesn't mind breaking off small amounts too. Luckily my cousin is good friends with one of those guys otherwise id be stuck paying 50-60 8ths and 100-110 qtrs like most other people who buy less than oz at a time. Hell I used to pay 125 qtr but that was legit med strains from colorado in the original packaging. Anymore id be hard pressed for 90-95 and that would have to be some 1 hit quitter  

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