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People In New Jersey/new York: How Much Do You Pay For A Quarter?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tree Of Life, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. In New Jersey I pay -


    Never got any bigger quantities than that. What kind of prices are you guys getting?
  2. 45-50 an 8th
    80-110 quarter (depends)
    and 165-180 for a half 
  3. I've been offered 20/g 60/eighth 120/q for some mid-high grade but I refuse to pay that much.
  4. Y'all getting robbed
  5. Florida - 75 1/4 ;)
  6. 60 an eighth, 100 a quarter, 165 a half. Those are the expected standard but some charge more for quarters and halves. My friend who is also my friend's dealer (as he has a job where he makes enough money to buy halves or quarters at a time, I usually just smoke his for free because of financial strain due to the fact that a brain injury in December has left me unable to drive) always gives us these exact prices and weighs in front of you... good guy.
  7. 70 for a quarter :lol: - Michigan
  8. 60 a Quarter in Michigan. med Card holder.
  9. Okay so it appears people outside of New Jersey/New York area came to chime in about their great deals, and that's great, I'm happy for you guys and your next to nothing pricing, cool, but the thing is the thread was actually directed towards people in/from around my area. Thanks.
  10. Where at in Michigan?
    But, my best friend is visiting North Rockland in new york right now since that's where he's from. He gets 1/4 for 100.
  12. Mad? No. A little aggitated when people try to show off, yeah... :rolleyes:
  13. In Jersey its 200 a half, a q 100 and 50 a 8th. Sometimes its 20$ or so more or less. Depends on the bud and dealer

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  14. 220 a half 0.o.......... its 70/q here in Toronto, and usually 240 a O for some fire bud
  15. gram -20
    1/8th -50
    quarter - 110
    half - 180
  16. If I pay 60 an 8th, I only pay 100 a quat and about 180 for a half. High grade.
  17. #18 Tree Of Life, Jun 20, 2013
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    Right. Those are more or less the prices I prefer to stick to, but I mean I only have one buddy with real dank buds and his prices are his prices. To me it makes more sense to buy expensive super high quality stuff as opposed to decently priced lower grade stuff that isn't flushed/dried correctly. It's top shelf nug, I can assure you. I don't mind paying a little extra for the serious buds. :bongin:
  18. well yeah, if you live in a non MMJ state and your dealer went through hell to get good bud, then go for it.
  19. How is an 8th 50, but a quarter 110   :eek:

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