People fighting on 420?

Discussion in 'General' started by AndyPL, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. Went to the huge gathering we have every year on Parliament hill, here in Ottawa. It was great, there were hundreds people all blazing everywhere, but sadly some guy tried to jack another which caused a fight. Although I can understand the guy getting pissed as hell about it, it was a real buzzkill and now I'm sure that's all the newspapers are going to report about.

    Still though, was awesome. You couldn't walk twenty feet without being handed at least three joints. Hope everyone had a great 420! :smoke:
  2. awe man that sounds awesome (except the fighting). just cuz one guy had a jackass, the media is gonna make it out like stoners are a bunch of jerk assholes
  3. yea... its such a bitch but the one person ruins it for everybody saying is so true
  4. And what is worse is that the papers more than likely will play off the fight and make it seem like the entire gathering was big drug smoking brawl.
  5. Thats shitty but I cant honestly say that if someone tryed taking my shit I wouldnt beat his ass down =/
  6. That sucks that greed over-toke your little gathering. But hell, when doesn't greed fuck something up?
  7. Our 420 fest ended with a fight too, wtf... it was glorious though. Pretty similar to what andy pl experience was. I got high before going...then smoked a ton there...and at 420 there was like a pause in the drumming and shit and everybody just blazed and celebrated all at once...the biggest smokefest ive ever seen it was awesome i couldnt have imagined anything like it...i wish i had been able to document it i will try to get some pics/vid up from friends.. i gorged on some weed brownies after i was all high and needed munchies... when we all got back to my place we passed the fuck out cuz we were so high. the cops were no where to be seen until a bum fight broke out ruining the remainder of the festivities... luckily i was gone by then.
  8. I love how you guys have these huge parties in the public. Do the cops not even care?
  9. chronictoker: hahaha, awesome way to celebrate the day!

    naughtyneighbor: No...but I mean, what can they do? They're pretty lax about weed around here in the first place, and when hundreds of people gather to smoke up I guess they can't really arrest everyone that shows up. They could have probably hassled us more than they did but I guess they were cool about it.
  10. Yeah gatherings are always fun until some asshole has to ruin it.
    Sorry about the buzzkill man, but other than that it sounded fun!

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