People Are Liars..

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DuvalPrincess, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. This morning me and a few of my friends was riding around and my friend pull out a blunt of some kush, he got from his cousin that stay in Cali. So we all smoke for awhile, and we got HIGHH, i didnt even realize how blazed i was untill a few hours after coming down. So he was driving, he was doing okay, he just kept forgettin lil shit like turn signals lol. So we was wondering where to eat, and then a truck pulls up in front of us and it has a few bumper stickers. Like "I support the troops" "Bush and Cheney 2000" and america has never been the same since. You know the regular redneck bumber sticker and then we saw a couple that said "I love Krystals" and "follow me to Krystals". And we wanted the new chicken stickens lol.

    So we started following the dude and about 15 to 20 minutes he stop at a Home Depot. Then my friend gets out pist as fuck and says "WTF, THIS AINT KRYSTAL" n the man stares at us, and we laugh for a good 5 minutes, n then get n the car n rush off, cause the guy looked pretty scared when he left. So in the car my other friend who jus started smoking like a month ago, and was really kind of innocent, jus looked down wit this sad ass face and said serious as i eva saw her "people are liars" like she just realized it. It was fucking hilarious weed + Car + munchies= stalking a man tryna find a Krystal.
  2. Wow that is hilarious LMAO. That shoulda been on the stoner mistakes thread.

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