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  1. so this guy had me all wound up all day, inviting me to come over at 6 to smoke and have a little fun.

    around 430, he says come on over.
    i'm halfway to his house, and he texts me that his roommate is home (who cares?) and that can i wait til 6 like we planned?

    so i park myself at a borders and tell him sure (i like reading high times there free anyway) but after 630, i won't wait anymore, and settle with my mag and wait for him to text me.

    around 545, i ask if we are still on.

    no response.

    6 comes and goes, nothing from him, and then 615.

    so i texted him again, are we still on?

    again, no response.

    he totally blew me off.

    just more of me bitching, i know, but god dammit, why can't anybody be normal, reliable, and chill?
  2. I suggest ignoring him.

    You seem like a down chick and a lot of people are out there looking for you.
  3. Once again, you chose a weird ass guy to chill with. Is this the same one that stared at you after you asked if he wanted head?
  4. Sounds like your coming on a little strong.
    I live in Omaha also. :smoke: Loving the warm weather.

  5. he invited me. i said i wanted to wait til we could hang out longer than an hour, and he kept asking me to come over.

    then..he didnt.

    PLUS the weather oh lawd i was downtown all night smoking cigarettes just people watching.
  6. Good to see women get this shit too. I hate it when some broad does this. That's when I envoke the the "zero tolerance policy for bullshit." Then i'm done with them for good. Too many people in this country/state/city to keep gettin fucked around by a dumbass.
  7. It sucks, same thing here. Been texting this bird back/forth getting worked up, made plans for this evening. I text her to see if we're still on and I get, "shoooot I did'nt forget about you, I have somthin else goin on :(" Huh? So now I'm at home getting baked just chillin'. Did'nt foget about me? WTF? Where have all the good times gone?
  8. Things come up? Plans change...
  9. I think he is just a toolwarehouse.
  10. Yeah it's true things happen, it just sucks y'know. You get that "I'm going to lick this girl all over" thing and then, brick.
  11. Don't worry, you'll get your lick on another day lol.
  12. He wanted a quick fuck but didnt want to show you to his roomates. Or he found something else better to do?
  13. maybe his roommate brought over a blunt, a movie, and some cheetos.
    now how's a man suppose to turn that down??

    but for real though, screw that guy (but not literally)
  14. ignore ten texts for each one he ignored from you. see how that floats

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