Pennsylvania Governor Calls for Recreational Marijuana Legalization

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    By Bill Chappell

    "Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is asking state legislators to legalize recreational marijuana, saying the government could use the tax revenue to support small businesses and to fund restorative justice programs.

    The governor's call to legalize the sale and use of marijuana is part of a broader plan that Wolf says will help Pennsylvania's economy, which is suffering from months of shutdowns and slowdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Wolf's plan calls for some of the revenue from marijuana sales to be used to fund grants for small businesses. And 50% of that funding, he says, would be reserved for historically disadvantaged businesses.

    Other revenue would go toward "restorative justice programs that give priority to repairing the harm done to crime victims and communities as a result of marijuana criminalization.
  2. PA/NJ medical sucks ass and is extremely overpriced. No quantity breaks (90$ qtr is most you can get, no oz sales). No pre rolls, no edibles (besides pills), no growing for patients, expensive annual doctor visits (100-200$) and 50$ to the DoH for annual registration. It's been a money grab the entire time with little care for patients, hopefully if it goes rec they get rid of some of those retarded standards we have here our tri-state area.

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  3. Let’s go PA, glad somebody is rattling the rec cage there. Fingers crossed for you folks.
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  4. Still that doesn't sound like "everybody can grow 4 plants" legal... it will be pennsylvania's lame version carefully certified (only the rich will get to do it...) like they do with everything.

    So at least we can buy overpriced boring strains that have been vacuum squeezed into little rocks without the unnecessary doctor visit.
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    Yeah, I expect that IF (big "if") recreational becomes legal in PA, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (= largest monopoly in North America, by the way) will be used as dispensaries. Sad, but it would be a step in the right direction.

    Edit* I mean't that state wine and liquor stores (controlled by the PLCB) would serve as dispensaries.
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  6. Ohio voted theirs down last time because it was a scam to make a very few rich. Very limited "licenses", regulated up the ass, and no home grow. I'd rather wait for decent weed laws than settle for shitty weed laws.
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  7. Well the biggest problem is not allowing for home grows... Any state the allows legal rec should allow for someone to grow as much as they damn well are able to produce. But that's just my opinion on the situation.

    Well we know they do not want any competition for something that can be used at parties. Gee something that can make a party fun without that nasty hangover the next morning? Nope cannot have that get in the way of our sales of liquid poisons...
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