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  1. can you get a buzz from pennicilin? i feel like someone told me that it's an antibiotic, but i forget..
  2. It's an antibiotic.
  3. it's like the most commen antibiotic that is given to people for all sorts of things. i doubt you can get a buzz from it. And even if you could, i know taking alot of it gives you diarrhea, so it isnt worth trying.
  4. yeah man lets get high on antibiotics and then have them not work when we actually get sick. sounds like a good idea man - enjoy getting leprosy.
  5. The only real feelings I've had from antibiotics made me EXTREMELY sensitive to natural light, very light headed (and not the cool kind!), tired, and my body felt cramped.

    And yeah... penicilin... not going to get you high. At all.
  6. fucks you mad up
  7. ^^

    always gotta love the "it will fuck you up so bad" post.

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