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  1. can someone tell me what this stuff is all about? i have a whole big bottle of it.
  2. I think it kills a fungus or bacteria, it cant be used in any recreational way at ALL.
  3. yeah. its an antibiotic, i had a root canal a couple of months ago and had to take for week after. you should save it in case you get vd or somthing.
  4. dude penacilin FUCKS you up..

    hehe jk its anti biotic jsut take when ya sickly
  5. Im alergeic to it :(
  6. lol, i am allergic also, and it is a form of mold itself, and will not fuck ya up, lol
  7. one tablespoon will kill syphilis if taken within two weeks of aquiring the disease.
  8. I thought that was common knowledge.

    I don't know much about perscription drugs even.

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