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  1. So, can marijuana really increase the size of male genitalia?
  2. Lmao wtf, and you should serperate it by each inch ex. 9-10in. Etc. or maybe centimeters.

  3. I need accuracy for this poll so I decided to go by the tenth inch.
  4. The range is wayyyy to big. The other guy is right it should go by the inch.
    If someone has a 12-16 inch penis on grasscity I wanna know exactly how many inches it is so I can gauge my jealousy accordingly damnit!
  5. Yeah mine's 16 on the poll, because that's totally possible..
  6. I think it should be separated per inch also
  7. It's a pain in the ass cause you gotta wind it up like a fire hose each time.
  8. We definitely needed another penis size thread.
  9. You know a lot of guys will lie about this, right?!

    I'm not sure this will be very accurate but the average guy is around 6 to 6.5 inches when hard

  10. I'm not huge, but I am definately above average

    i measured in at 8 inches on a good day, about 7.75 inches on a bad one
  11. Nothing for 16 + ... ?
  12. I smoke a lot of weed and have a huge dick, therefore weed makes my dick larger.
  13. Weed hasn't done anything for my dick, besides make it feel better when I bust.
  14. i rub bho on my balls like it's nothin

    but i'm still in the 6.1-8
  15. Solid 6..
  16. god the box is getting rediculous these days.
  17. Ever just look at your dick when your really stoned..funny looking.
  18. 8% of grasscity is in the 12-16 inch range?
    I didn't know so many of you guys were black!
  19. Mines probably about 3.3 inches. Seems like im one of the few guys here who's not in denial.
  20. im surprised 23 guys would admit to having 4-6 inches. the faster u get over ur penis size the faster this world be be a better place.

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