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Penis Pipe!?!?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by VolcomSton3d, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. that's deffinately very odd! Deffinately for the women tokers and homosexuals.
  2. ...i like men now
  3. that's hilarious. i wouldn't really mind smoking out of that if i was offered, why the hell not? it's not a dick, it's glass.
  4. One of my favorite headshops around here doubles as an "adult bookstore" and they have two glass pipes that double as glass dildo. Neither of them have sold since the store opened.. (a couple years)
  5. ewww but effective
  6. i've seen both of those on another website id turn down the penis ones lol the other ones fine
  7. Taking "blown-glass pipe" to a different level.

    Yeah, somebody "blew" that glass piece. Poor glass-blower.

    I could put aside my differences and hit some good weed out of it (off-camera!!), but who BUYS the thing?

    "Sucking the glass dick" means a lot of things... I'll pass on all of 'em.
  8. I might buy one just for the laughs. I wouldnt mind hitting it. Its not like I'm getting jizzed in the eye for toking out of it.
  9. i agree with 420 stoner. its glass not a dick so man up and get hiiigh:smoke:
  10. I had a pipe where th mouth hole was the vagina and her mouth was the bowl. Someone stole it.
  11. I found a cool pipe where it was a hand gun and the mouth piece was the barrel of the gun and you had to hold it like you were going to blow your brains out. It looked real too. I'll try to find the link..
  12. Haha that's a sweet pipe.
  13. GIRLS smoke outta penis PIPES. My neighbor has a lil WOODEN pecker pipe. She asked if i wanted to smoke outta it 1 time i said...

  14. gives a new meaning to "taking a money shot"
  15. look, you can even cup the balls when you hit it!
  16. oh my god. i'm a chick and i still wouldn't feel all that comfortable smoking out of a penis. that's just kind of weird. a normal water pipe that everyone would use is fine with me!

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