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  1. how many and what all does everybody peirced?
  2. i currently have no peircings, but i had my lip peirced for a short while
  3. I have my ears pierced

    eyebrow rings, ears are hot on guys...lip rings are cool too
  4. I have my ears pierced (four on one ear, five on the other) and I have my tongue pierced

    I used to have my nose and my lebret pierced (which both I did myself ;)) but not anymore...just the tongue now (I could never give that one up!)
  5. this may sound dumb...what is a lebret
  6. your lower lip
  7. used to have my tounge done.... but no longer...... i used to get killer head aches after getting fucked up and playing with it agianst the back of my teeth all night....
  8. i have a peirced left eyebrow w/a barbell...that\'s it.

    - i could be wrong but is\'nt a labret a peircing on the spot above your chin right below your bottom lip? just wonderng.
  9. My nose. That\'s it.
  10. i got my tounge, belly button, and 3 or 4 piercings in each my ears!

  11. Yeah, but it was easier to say it the other way
  12. Currently I just have my ears and my navel pierced. But in the past I had an 8G in my tongue and I had my nose pierced. I want to get my lip pierced but my bf doesn\'t want me to because he said it will suck to kiss me with it. :(
  13. one in my left ear, big ol diamond thug style :)
  14.\'s called getting your septum pierced
  15. mmmm piercings
    Ive got my rook and upper cartlidge in the right ear and inner conch and upper cart in my left ear. I loved getting peirced! Im thinking about this summer having a \"staple\" type piercing done in my right ear..we\'ll see though..Im only about the ears though..dont think I would personally put holes through anything else
  16. just left ear. got a peace sign earring:D

  17. hell no, its hot ! lol

    Gives you more to play with when your gettin busy....
  18. uh..... has anyone seen jackass, when that guy pierces his ass together?? that looked like it hurt soooo bad! and my friend, said he is brave enough and wants to get his nut sak pierced! i dunno.... maybe it will be kinda sexy!
  19. im assuming someone killed your ferret?
  20. he! I agree with gravy in reply to sarah_sweetie.
    Lip rings are heaps of fun too play with when your pashing and yeah Im a wuss Ive only got my ears done, I thought of getting more.
    Tons of my friends have lebrets, eyebrows, multiple lip rings, lots of nose rings, tongue rings, tunnels in their ears biggest ones 13mm and one of my friends has that little cartillage bit in your ear done, except it grows out really quick.
    Tongue rings rock.

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