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  1. Is anyone here familiar with peerblock? I just started using it and the list of blocked IP's had a few startling entries. I'm wondering what the vulnerabilities are and how secure I should feel with it running. :confused:
  2. i started running it a while back. i looked up some of the blocked names and they were def. related to copyright infringement.

    from what ive found, you're much safer using it than not and if it blocked the ip you should be ok, just keep updating the lists.
  3. I run it all the time since that one time I got shut down by my ISP for torrenting "District 9", (wasn't that great). Since then, (4mo ago), I've had no issues with getting shut down at all. Plus, even if I do get shut down, (yeah right), I can still tether w/ my mobile phone if I absolutly have to.

    (In sum: Run PeerBlock, and keep your blacklists updated to the latest version.).
  4. Thanks guys, I should have been more specific :smoke:... how common is it to have peerblock defeated, specifically on a college network. The wifi in my dorm is a public network if that helps.

    On a slightly unrelated note: Just downloaded a tape from datpiff 3.1mb/s! fastest ive ever seen on this computer! awesome.
  5. As always, run a firewall on your machine for additional protection. Personally, I use GhostWall on my machines. GhostWall FireWall It is completly free for personal use.
  6. Kaspersky there... I should be set then
  7. ive had both soft and hardware firewalls on once and i still got a cease and desist from the MPAA. but peerblock isnt a regular firewall so i run that and my hardware firewall now.
  8. Run all 3. You can never be too protected from the Mafia. [​IMG] Umm, I mean MPAA/RIAA. :D

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