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peeling batteries for MFLB

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by smoke_a_bowl, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. how do i peel batteries for the magic flight launch box? i peeled one but its got like that goo (adhesive) still on it . i was able to rub most of it off but not all. will this be harmful to me ? or how can i get it off the batteries? and how can i peel it so the adhesive doesn't stick to the batteries?
  2. 91% iso or wd-40 should take the goo off the cells...
  3. Why do you need to peel it off?
  4. ^this
  5. o sorry should have said i bought new energizer batteries so thats why. im not talking about the batteries that come with it.
  6. Are the batteries that come with it rechargable? if so recharge them. If not, buy the right size. If you have to peel the batteries to use them, they are not the right size, or you have a faulty/shitty product.
  7. No^. some batteries will need to be peeled to fit properly into the LB.
    if they come with glue, just don't use em. I reccomend just buying another pair of the ones it comes with(Sanyo Eneloops).

  8. No^. If the batteries don't fit, then the compartment is cut improperly. Which is a huge quality control fail on their part. If this is common, that sucks. And I definitely wouldn't put unprotected batteries in something intended to get hot.
  9. the MFLB comes with rechargeable batteries, but intense sessions will need more than 2. The batteries that come with it have the labels peeled off, and to make other store bought rechargables fit, you need to peel the label off. It's not an improper cut, just how its designed.

    The batteries that come with the energizer 15 minute charger work fine (once you peel the labels off)
  10. What are you talking about unprotected? You think that the batteries would get as hot as the heating element and a strip of plastic will protect you? You clearly don't even know how the unit works, so don't think you know it all.
    It's easier to get the type that it comes with, and they come with a plastic cover too, but you can just rip it off.
  11. So even if the batteries don't get hot, doesn't change the fact that they are making improper sized cuts. But it is $100 vape...What if you bought a bong that turned out to be 14.3mm?? Sure you could probably jam your bowl in, but why??
  12. Take a look at this picture of a MFLB with the battery in place:

    Notice how the negative end of the battery is outside the box? Rather than build a compartment to contain the battery, the manufacturer is depending on the outer metal skin of the battery to provide a ground at a location much closer to the positive terminal. It's unorthodox but kind of smart in its own right.

    The problem is that off-the-shelf batteries typically have a plastic skin over them which would need to be removed to work in the MFLB. The outer metal would also have to have continuity with the negative terminal which is probably a standard for batteries of this size but may not be a given. In that case, a little dab of solder would take care of that problem easily enough.

  13. lol fail. comparing two different things.

    lol if i had bought a bong that was 14.3mm, i would use the slide it came with hopefully 14.3mm.

    batteries come in different sizes, so do slides and glass on glass joints.

  14. No. They need to be peeled so that they make proper contact with the copper coils.
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    Wow people listen up if you don't know what your talking about then don't fucking post shity misinformation. I will elaborate on what the last poster just said. All AA rechargeable cells that you intend to use in the launch box must have the labels peeled from them to work correctly. What this does is expose the full length of the cathode or negative terminal of the cell. Now the entire outside of the cell is the cathode with the exception of the button at one end that's still the anode. Both contacts for the circuit are contained inside the hole where you insert the cell. One on the side of the hole and one at the every end of the hole. When you insert the cell the circuit between these two contacts is completed and electrons flow from the cathode to the anode via the wire mesh basket.

    Edit: I was so put off by some of the idiots in this thread I let me joint go out while typing this.

  16. ^This. No offence to the other posters in this thread, but if you don't know what you're talking about, don't leap to conclusions.
  17. Uh, WRONG. I think you're failing to understand how the MFLB works with the batteries.

    It has nothing to do with an unpeeled battery won't fit right because of "quality control" issues. It has to do with the fact that it's designed that way.

    Think about it. How do batteries work? You have a connection on the positive and negative ends to complete the battery "circuit". You might have noticed there's nothing but air touching the negative end, so how the hell do you think it's working?

    The answer is you have to peel the label off in order for the unit to touch the physical metal casing in order to get a negative contact on the battery and complete the "circuit" to provide power to the unit.
  18. Knowledge pwn.
  19. Ok just peeled the casing of the batteries, but there's still a sticky residue on the battery. Do I need clean the batteries further?
  20. I use Goo Gone. Works like a charm.

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