peeing -good- or -bad-

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  1. You ever have to take piss real bad then when you go your just like aaahhhhhhhhhhhh and you get that shiver, i dunno happens to me all the time just wondering if you get the same pleasures out of it.

    peace :smoking:
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  2. I dunno. My girlfriend says all the time that if she holds it long enough its almost orgasmic.

  3. sometimes amazin' how good it feels:D:smoking::smoking:
  4. Yes, relieving my bladder after a period of high stress on it is quite an amazing experience. It's the minutes leading up to it that are hell though.
  5. I enjoy a good piss.

    It's even more fun when you're pissing off something really high like the top of a building or a cliff.
  6. Yeah, They are called piss shivers or thats what I call them.
  7. hah thats how I describe it.
  8. I've been known to a pretty pleasurable piss from time to time. Especially when I'm on opiates and I've been trying to squeeze it out for the last 20 min, now that's relief my friends.
  9. Pissin first thing in the morning is great. But I hate it when your sleeping and you wake up and you gotta pee, because you just dont want to get up, even if the bathroom is right next to your room.
  10. A few months ago I got insanely blitzed and when I pissed (which was a pretty frequent event that night due to all the Kool-Aid i drank) it literally felt like an orgasm. Never had the experience before, never have had it again, but needless to say it was awesome pissing that night.
  11. It burns when I pee :(
  12. tonyizzle, it's not supposed to hurt. i would recomend ya do something for that.

    during sleep i feel like radar. but here the toilet room is like 20 degrees hotter & upstairs.

    during the day, the toilet is still hot & miserable... oh but the relief.

  13. Yeah pissing while drunk feels much better than regular pissing
  14. I enjoy pissing just about as much as I enjoy eating, crapping, breathing or eating. All those things are pretty awesome
  15. i never want to know the feeling of a burning piss :(

  16. LOL i know that shiver you're talkin' about.!! I love it
    this thread cracks me up.. the title!\

    lol... man, that's like EVERYTHING!
  17. Man some of you people must have really lousy orgasms.
    For me, taking a piss or a dump can feel really good especially so when you really need it, but an orgasm can be sooooooooo much better.

    Maybe it is 'proper' experience you lack?;)

  18. oh hell yes. when you try and try and try and finally aaahhhhhhhhh... happens to me on dex to. pissing while thizzin is a good time too. i seem to piss forever and a day when im high. overall i enjoy taking a good long piss. infact im gonna hold it and chug watter just so i can. haha what a great pandora thread! i love it rep to the op.
  19. i like pissing, its pretty fast....

    But as for shitting, i fucking hate wasting my time taking a long ass shit. WASTE OF TIME.

    Anyone Blunt toilet smokers?

    Ill boof a blunt on the toilet. i dont really give a fuck.
  20. when you drink 12 beers in one night and you cant find a place to go piss
    but when you finally do
    its like

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