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  1. I know that your piss contains nitrogen, but so far people have said that pissing in your soil will kill your plants (too much nitrogen).

    But, what if you just piss a tiny bit in your watering container - mix it with the water you're watering your plants with?
  2. thats fucking u want to be smoking ur piss? cuz u no plant absorb the water that goes in it and stores it so therefore you'd be smoking piss in my opinion thats fucking nasty
  3. i dont think its that gross. at one point or another you put all the crap in your body to make the piss. im sure another pass wouldnt hurt it.
    theres probly better ways to get some nitrogen though.
  4. LOL, Well if you truely want to, just don't pass it my way. If your into that kinda crap you might as well shit in the dirt because believe it or not that is usaully good ferd. too. Just ask anybody from vietnamese, they will tell ya! Good Luck!
  5. dude i know u can scrounge up 4 bux and get a fert i mean i bought shultz 10-15-10 for 3.99 and it worx fine. better than piss i am sure, man u might wanna tell the peeps u smoke your stuff with that u use piss because if i smoked someones piss and they didn't tell me and i found out they would be pissin blood. always wondered why would u wanna do that anyways? do these guys have a piss fetish i mean why piss? i drink too much beer anyways to pee in my plants lol! yuck!! miracle gro is better than piss prolly.
  6. Haha, just wondering, all of you guys can stop freaking out now. I'm just wary of buying fertilizer, because I'll have to lug that shit around. Alternative + free options are always on my mind.


  7. Might wanna remove your sig or something man, in case there are any feds browsing these boards, after all, it's a popular drug forum.
  8. nah dude you can get a small bottle of fert, you dont need to get a huge bag. youre thinking of potting soil
  9. NO , BAD IDEA, nuff said.
  10. piss has a lot of diffrent things in it, i wouldn't trust that it would help. Ferts come in a small container, and its not like you need to take it with you every time. I've had people tell me they pissed on their plants and they died. Its not worth trying.
  11. Wow, a communist in the bible belt. I never thought that I would see the day.

    Anyway, yeah I think pissing on your plants is a bad idea. You can't be that broke. Doesn't one of you communist buddies have some fertilizer? :)
  12. Urination is one of your body's ways of ridding itself of waste, toxins, excess minerals, etc. In general you want to add to your soil only what you know is beneficial, not toxins and waste. I've never heard of uric acid being beneficial to growning MJ. Unless maybe your pH is too high? ; -)
  13. Urine is completely sterile (in a healthy person) and has been used in agriculture for thousands of years. Its perfectly fine to use it on your MJ plants if you dilute it to a 1:10 ratio, there was a grower on OG who used urine exclusively in his DWC buckets and soil grows. His plants were the healthiest looking plants I have ever seen... He got great yields, great taste, and the potency was as good as his strains would allow. Since the urine was diluted so much there was no smell at all. Other people started trying it and got great results. I'll be doing a couple experiments comparing ferts to urine in DWC buckets when I move into my new place this summer.

    To all of the people talking about how gross it is... How many of you have eaten a vegatable in your life time? My guess would be all of you, which means you have all eaten a plant grown with cow manure and urine.

    BlazinHigh- Human excrement is very, very nasty stuff and needs to be properly composted before it can be safely used.
  14. -Studies indicate that each person’s waste fluids can provide enough nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium to grow a year’s supply of wheat and maize for that person. According to some studies, human waste can be an even more effective fertilizer than animal manure.

    -Urine, which comprises 90 percent of human waste, contains about 80 percent of our waste’s fertilizer value. It can be applied to field crops without treatment because it is generally sterile. By the way "fresh urine" does not contain any bacteria, unless the person has a urinary tract infection, so you could even use it to wash out wounds without causing any infections,

    -Human urine can be used as an alternative to chemical fertilizer to reduce pollution in air, water and soil and help avoid or control other environmental hazards which surface due to the use of chemical fertilizer, Human urine contains nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium at a much higher ratio than in commercial fertilizers and is environmentally safe to use.

    -It helps conserve pure or town drinking water <
    -Reduces the rate and amount of chemical fertilizer runoff into the groundwater and surrounding waterways

    -Reduces the amount of sewerage runoff

    -Reduces nutrient build-up in waterways and estuaries and oceans

    -Reduces your gardening costs, because of less reliance on buying chemical fertilizers.

    So why not get out there, and help the environment by assisting in reducing the nutrient flow into the natural ground water and water ways, while saving yourself a bundle in fertilizer costs.

  15. Urine CAN be used. Keep in mind that it has thigns that can harm plants too. Ever heard of salt? It also has several other waste products in it that are not beneficial and may even be harmful to your plants.

    Can you use it? Yes. You can.

    SHOULD you use it? Probably not. The advancements in technology within the agricultural industries has delivered to us readily available and highly advanced nutrient mixtures that are inexpensive and VERY effective. These things are IDEAL for growing plants. Urine is not.
  16. Actually urine IS ideal for growing plants. Advanced nutrient mixes are just bottled forms of what is in urine. Anything that might be harmful to the plants are in trace amounts even before the 10-20:1 dilution. The only risk associated with using urine is from failure to dilute it enough. As inexpensive as nutes are, I dont see any reason to use them over something your body produces naturally several times a day.

  17. I'm never actually claiming that the website is mine, you see...just like if you linked to google in your sig, they couldn't arrest google.


    Oh, and thank you everyone for your input!
  18. Haha, its funny that you'd post this!! I currently have one 1-month old Sour Bubble baby (BOGs seeds), growing in my room. This grow was just for fun and I planned on putting it outdoors, and I have neglected a little bit...

    Well, to start off I planted my little Sour Bubble seedling in a pot with soil that has been used lightly before, mixed with some perlite. Well, the shitty soil combined with a shitty light (15w CFL) got my SB baby off to a bad start.. I didn't give it a lot of care the first few weeks because I had no expectations.. But to start, the plant stretched a little bit and the lower leaves began to yellow/brown and get crispy..

    Well, after adding another CFL my plant began to start looking good.. I was motivated to try to do something w/ this plant.. New sets of darkgreen, waxy healthy leaves began growing in, and I decided that the lower leaves were unhealthy due to low nitrogen after some research..

    ..Ive since watered my plant twice with a water solution w/ just a little bit of urine for nitrogen. New sets of healthy leaves are growing in, and my plant is really starting to look up!! The leaves are beginning to look bigger, very dark green, and almost waxy (characteristics of Sour Bubble).. I'll get some pics up eventually!
  19. thats nasty better not sell that shit and just smoke it urself cuz i wouldnt wanna toke ur piss
  20. Oh, so youd rather smoke something in manure, bird poo, animal droppings and piss, or some liquid mass produced in factories?

    Bro, its not that big of a deal. Its not like the piss is going straight into the buds, it is being absorbed by a plant as a whole. plus, the fact that barely any is used makes it that your not even "smoking piss" in the end; if thats how you see it

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