Pee/cum tubes

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  1. is that how it works?
    Do us men have a different tube for each, and how does the penis switch between the two? why does it sometimes hurt to pee after a nut, and is that just because of the dirty hoes im messin with
  2. Wtf didn't you take health class in school? It's one tube buddy, it's called your urethra.

    Oh, and if it burns when u pee go see a doctor.
  3. User name: "ImNoTroll"...............sounds legit.

  4. I remember health class and there definitely is some switching going on, not in the urethra itself, but somewhere before it. I remember the analogy being like a railroad switching the direction of the track.
  5. [​IMG]

    Have at it OP.
  6. Always pee right after nutting. I know what you mean by the very minor burn if you don't, it's like the jizz solidifies and makes your urethra stick shut or something. Always good to flush the pipe after an orgasm.
  7. all very good and informative posts. thank you
  8. Nahh I think he's legit...he also created that thread about whatchu do with your pubes. I like this guy...he comes up with good things to talk about.
  9. Indeed. If nothing else, I am an enigma sent for conversational purposes

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