Peanut Skins?

Discussion in 'General' started by Punks Not Dead, Nov 8, 2003.

  1. Ok my friend told me that if you take the skins off a peanut (not the shell, or the nut...the little part surrouding the nut) and smoke them, it will get you high. I dont really believe this. but ive been dry for a lil wihile now, im outta booze and im willing to try almost anything right now (, but if this is true i would try it) so...anyone ever heard of this, or know if its true? thanks
  2. well...i have another friend who also doesnt believe it, but he will pay me 10 bucks to do it, so imma start shuckin peanuts (hey, 10 bucks is 10 bucks) and if peanuts can kill you (i dont mean choking or allergic reactions) then i would already be dead. so yah...imma try it, and ill post results later, if there are any.
  3. well, i got 15 bucks (another kid gave me another 5) and it actually did do i wasnt all that high, but it felt as tho i had taken about 1-2 hits of "decent" pot. it only lasted about 20-25 minutes tho...i suppose if i ever get desperate for a high i could smoke peanut skins again...they dont taste all that good (not bad either) it does do SOMETHING...not much, but something and it lasts about 25 minutes

    edit: oh and i suppose it may have done more if i had smoked more (didnt want to) but i smoked about 1 bowl
  4. haha i never would of thought that would work...but it could have just been placebo
  5. definately placibo. that would never work.
  6. maybe...i didnt think it would work either (ive heard of the banana thing as well...but no bananas) it was prolly placebo, but how do you know? have you tried it? and who cares...i got a small buzz (real or not) and 15 bucks...i won that and my friends didnt)
  7. Peanut skins? Banana peels? That's some Anarchist's Cookbook shit. Just stick to pot, it tends to work better.

    Also, "Out of alcohol?" That's practically impossible around here, you can get someone to buy you alcohol any hour of the day.
  8. when your underage with no fake can be outta booze... (im only 18...derr)
  9. hehe i got the connections now... i can get weed n alcohol whenever (i cant get alcohol legaly also)
  10. i used to smoek peanut skins every now and then in middle school.... cause i wasnt a grower... and i always had to smoke like 3 joints of it to get anything.... its not really a high, more of a confused state..... and its a bitch taking the skins off enough peanuts to make 3 joints...:D

  11. Play 'Hey Mr.', just stand outside a liquor store and ask gardeners to buy you beer.
  12. ^^^
    that's what my little brother does, except liquor stores here can't sell beer so he stands in front of grocery stores. I have hookups and can get a hold of stuff. Before long, I'll have my very own genuine fake ID.
  13. Ima try that bannanna peel thing and smoke it.. ive heard of that off of the anarchist cookbook too!! but will someone explain all the processes in wich i have to go throu to b able to smoke the bannanna peel?
  14. jeeezzz, what the hell?
    bananas? peanuts? .... i'll stick to EATING those like everyone normal.

    imagine getting busted by a cop:
    -Hey kid!
    -Gimme that! *take the joint*
    -What would that be huh kid?
    -uh... peanut shells...
    -you stoners are all the same aren't ya? take me for a fool huh?
    -No officer , honestly those are peanut shells.
    -Wow kid, u REALLY need therapy. *cop goes away laughing*


    basically i could not stand the humiliation i'd prolly say:

    -Officer i'm telling you thats weed!
    -hahahhaha lame kid, forget it i'm telling ur parents just to piss u off and see their faces when they hear their kid's been smokin peanuts!


    i'd rather die

    lol, cyaz
  15. i tried the bananas once quite a long time ago.. as far as i can remember it didn't do anytyhinhg.. and i had about 4 bongs. just tasted nice :)

  16. its peanut skins, not shells....

    and you should try it, it not that bad of a "high"
  17. ive done it, its pretty decent, so dont bash it

  18. oh i din't see the big difference....

    InvaderGir : i'm not really bashing, but to someone that never heard of ppl smoking peanut SKINS it does sound kinda weird.... doesnt it??
    i was having a laugh i dont think i insulted anyone.... except maybe the cop....

    anyways cyaz
  19. i wasnt directing that to anyone in particular.. just that you shouldnt judge a book by its cover... its a plant. wouldnt it sound wierd if youd never heard of acid or peyote and someone told you you could get mega fucked up from eating a cactus?

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