peanut oil with firecrackers?!

Discussion in 'General' started by BAkEd_ZombIe, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone! :wave:

    posted this in the Rec. Marijuana use forum and no one wants to answer (it's okay i like the general forum better anyway) ANYWAYS my lazy stoner ass spent all day mowing the lawn and do not i repeat DO NOT feel like going to get all natural peanutbutter. I'm stuck at home with some chunky jiffy peanutbutter but im craving a firecracker. Do you think if i put peanut oil in the peanutbutter weed mixture it would extract the thc as well as the all natural or maybe even better?

    thanks gc!!
  2. Peanut oil has absolutely no density to it whatsoever. You're just going to end up with two, soggy crackers in a pool of cannabis infused peanut oil that you'll have to choke down.

    You're much better off making cannabutter and baking some cookies or brownies.

  3. hmm any other type of oil you think? i dont feel like making cannabutter but i may have to. and i don't give a shit about taste i usually just choke em down anyway.
  4. Any kind of oil will become so ridiculously runny that you would be drinking it from the tin foil. Try something more solid that's oil based. Even the chunky peanut butter would be good.

  5. i think hes talking about using the chunky peanutbutter and supplementing it with the peanut oil, which i think probably would help considering its just adding more oil to the peanut butter
  6. yah that is what i meant. that would help correct? it seems logical
  7. Oh! All right, yea, that will work very well!

    Try mixing the the peanut butter and the oil in a bowl before spreading it on the crackers. Will work much better.

    Good luck!
  8. yah definatly going to mix the oil and peanut butter first. think i should put the weed in the mixture? or just mix it spread it then sprinkle?
  9. Both would work just fine. This could be a good opportunity to experiment. Make one with the sprinkle technique and the other you can mix the bud in.

  10. maybe make one with just the peanut butter and then the other one with the oil to, you know for science's sake
  11. yeah good idea! if i make a breakthrough in marijuana credit will go to you both :hello:

    hmm maybe i should make it now... i haven't had a firecracker that worked for real before and i heard if made right they FUCK YOU UP! so i'm nervous to try it now may just wait till a nice chill day where i can relax all day baked up on the firecracker.
  12. cmon man try it now

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