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  1. Now i know why the call it a peachfuzz:)
  2. I knew this girl that had gnarly peach fuzz on her boobs. It was no longer in the relm of fuzz though. Much more of a forest.
  3. That makes me sick^ I have seen a girl with a layer on their face, but their tits? gross.
  4. Most blond girls tend to have more hair on their bodies. It's just harder to spot.
  5. this 1 girl in highschool was so hot me and this mexican kid would always stand at teh top of the stares and when she was walkign down we would look down her shirt but she had some fuzz there i dont think it was gross id love to lick those peaches tho emmmmmmm
  6. haha classic line from scar face tony is all wasted in that restruant when hes fighting with his bitch he talks about how she has a bag for a belly and her tits got hair on um
  7. a chick i used to date had that on her lower back and we were makin out and i felt it and at first i was grossed outt, but i was young and horny and got past it:)
  8. i met the fucking hottest iranian chick once, but she had hair on her arms almost as much as i did. but still she was bangin

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