Peaceful Protest In Front Of The Police Station/court House

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    I will be having a peaceful protest in Asheboro North Carolina on sept.6
    Will have others involved and anyone is welcome to join us.We will be exercising our rights and trying to show people we are the ones with the power.Time we take back our nation as our founding fathers intended.Law enforcement has abused there authority all over this nation! Ive been beatn,Bullied and thrown in prison over marijuana by police and Im fed up!.If you are to please join us and try to help start change and show people we have power!
    Does not have to be all police related but can also include Marijuana,Equal rights,and anti class racism.
    If you play an instrument bring it!..If you dance then dance.Our voices will be heard by few but spread to many!
    Ill be dancing,playing banjo,and jaming music like "Bob Marley-Bad Boys".."Ice Cube-Fuk Tha Police" etc.We will be walking on the public side walk in front of the local police station and court house.


  2. I don't think the "exercising your rights" concept is so great.

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