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  1. "I believe all suffering is caused by ignorance. People inflict pain on others in the selfish pursuit of their happiness or satisfaction. Yet true happiness comes from a sense of peace and contentment, which in turn must be achieved through the cultivation of altruism, of love and compassion, and elimination of ignorance, selfishness, and greed."
    Dalai Lama
  2. i read his book, the pursuit of happieness, fantastic read. if i hadnt questioned the christian faith before hand i would now. buddism is so much more open and filled with compassion that i personally have not fully felt from any ONE christian. but i guess it all does depend on the person
  3. wow just reread that quote.. what happened to this thread? you could have went somewhere with it!!!
  4. That is a very wise man. He speaks truth.

  5. have you read any of his books??
  6. No. Could you recommend some?:smoke:
  7. i only have read one... but it changed my out look on humanity a lot. it is called the art of happiness :) its wonderful
  8. I'll look it up on amazon, thanks!
  9. i don't think there will ever be world peace. i just don't realistically see any path that could lead the world from where it is to world peace. as my friend always says it will never happen people don't get along. not unless something drastic happens, like a rise in frequency or some shet like that giving us higher brainwaves so all of see at the same time and start to agree on stuff.

  10. we ARE all coming into a higher frequency. hence the great awakening that is happening as well. in nature balance needs to exist. so there will always be negative aspects to life. but i do believe that us heading toward this higher frequency (which is what i believe 2012 is about) it will be mostly positive AFTER the shift. but now and for awhile.. its going to be chaos.. it will only get worse before it gets better

  11. Humans are selfish and cruel, and can perpetrate terrible things against one another. History is rife with examples of this. We are animals. But at the same time, if you look at the forces at play, you can quantify and predict human behaviour. Upon doing so, it can be seen that our major problems may be major but they are the opposite of insoluble. As poverty decreases so does crime. The innumerable atrocities of history? Most often economic and social tensions. We prefer to live in peace, and only act differently when we are forced to by outside circumstances. And these circumstances are solvable. Technological and scientific progress has given us the ability to overcome all societal problems which existed in the past (and still exist today).

    Look at how far we have advanced in such a short time. 1000 years ago warlords fought each other over tiny bits of land, and 70 years ago nations were committed to genocide and totalitarianism. 50 years ago humanity lived in fear of annihilation. But now what do we have to worry about? Global warming and terrorism. It's a slow process, and quite possibly humanity will suffer horribly in unforeseen ways, but at the same time the world is stabilized. And it continues to get better.
  12. There will never be peace because others see peace as a weakness and will take advantage of it.

  13. that is much too negative for me. although you may have a valid point. i dont think there will be peace because that would upset the balance. but i do hope and pray for less of greed and power
  14. Peace is not weakness, just take a good look at the cold war, 2 nations stood at the brink of absolute destruction and yet their own humanity brought about peace(granted the situation could have gone either way if weaker men were in command of it). Two distinct peoples as different as could be, found common ground.

    Life, Liberty,and the pursuit of happiness is a craving shared by all mankind and yet in a "Free" society We remain burdened to Wear the very chains forced upon Our fathers. National Debt, is a term arbitrarily used within the realms of Economics and Politics and yet it incurs a distinct fallacy. The truth is That One generation has no more a Right to bind another to its Debt and Incumbrances than One Man has the Right to bind another to his Will. To truly believe otherwise would be foolish for in its very Nature it ensues the Abolition of Equality. For if a Child yet unborn must Pay for the mistakes, nigh the shortsightedness of his Parents then he is already Doomed to a Life of Servitude and is beyond doubt a Slave to a System to which he was never Responsible For. If the Creation of such a System is allowed then the Ramifications of the Previous Generations Actions will Echo throughout all the Schools of thought to Such an Extent that the Degradation of their very Humanity will come into Question. In a truly Free Society, Peace is Warranted by its very Volition. All Concerns are Deliberate and Transparent, The Delegation will supersede the Debate. But in Order for these Proceedings to Begin we must first Question if we as Free people are truly Equal. Our World is One that is Abundant in Resources and yet Owned by Few. These stakes to Claim that which is the Property of all Men are without Merit and thus Immoral. If we abide by these longstanding Traditions, made by Men whom thought little of Liberty, then a Grave Injustice will no doubt Continue to Occur. The Wars of the Future will be Amongst thy fellow Man, but between that of the Well to do and of the Struggling. For what War in Our Past was not Incited First by Greed, such a thing is Unavoidable, Unless the People themselves do not Allow further Deceit, They themselves will come to Realize that such a World is Unjust and needing Retribution. Fear itself is a tool to be wielded by those whom suffer from it, The Wealthy will always Fear the Rest of Humanity because of the Obvious Contrast in Our lives, but they Must not be Allowed to Continue such act as to make Us squabble Amongst Ourselves while They enjoy the Fruits of Our Labor. Our World is One that is ever more Connected in ways previously thought Impossible, Nations no longer Dictate the Insurgence of the Human Mind. Money is too Powerful of a tool to wield in such Numbers as we See Today.Together, We the People can make such a World Possible, there will always be Opposition rest assured but there is no force More Righteous than One who cries of Freedom.
  15. wow i wish i could have liked that five hundred times
  16. Wow...thx u. To be honest lately this has been the only thing I've thinking about and I appreciate any feedback.

  17. i understand. i been thinking of the "new world order" and trying to figure out how to prepare for any likely changes that are probable to happen. my brother seems to think that the changes are coming are inevitable and everything will just be peachy. i rather learn as much as possible about surviving off the land just to have some knowledge :) a lot of my friends and family think i am crazy because i keep telling them to inform themselves and prepare
  18. I'am thoroughly convinced of a nwo but not in the sense that u mean. This new world order with be of the Human mind. I have Faith that the People will stop counting the Lies and be force into action.

    " World War III will not be declared by any Nation, but instead by the common Man" quote
  19. That is what my brother believes too. i am holding a positive attitude. and trying to spread awareness and light to others, but i do not want to be blinded by what the govt is trying to accomplish
  20. I understand, but don't get me wrong, there will be blood, although it won't end there. I refuse to accept that u can turn men against their own Humanity to such an extent on such a scale. You can only hide so much before u begin to question the motives.

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