Peace Prize Winner Demands $80 Billion for Nukes

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aaronman, May 14, 2010.

  1. Obama wants $80 Billion more (on top of $100 billion) to upgrade nuclear arms complex

    As the world's economies come crashing down, we're spending hundreds of billions on nuclear armaments.
  2. I see the useless spending here, but I also see maybe they are trying to do some good?

    I just think itll piss off China, and thats how its starts
  3. Are you trying to defend Obama or something? He increased the Drug War budget 3.5% for 2011 to $15.5 billion.

    So while the economy is going down the shitter, he's taxing us more and more to pay for a failed system that only harms the economy.

    Can we agree this guy is evil yet?

  4. Still better than Bush. :hello: :hello: :hello:
  5. Evil? Yes. Best Sig ever? Even yesser.

    You sound intelligent and have almost 8k posts, where are they all?

    ::looks at your threads made::
  6. Why, exactly? :confused:

    He spends more than Bush, he's just as indiscriminate in his slaughtering of jawas and he's an enemy of civil liberties. He even hates gays.

    His cool, intellectual persona and rhetoric make him a worse figurehead than Bush because he's used these skills to win over those who see themselves at ends with the right wing.
  7. Obama has increased the "defense" budget, creams his pants over predator drones, is now requesting $80,000,000,000 for nukes, and you're applauding it as being better than Bush? That's pretty sick dude.
  8. We have to or they'll degrade and cause problems. At least, thats what the history channel told me.

    The brainwashing that occurred over the last 8 years was effective.
  9. Did they provide a reason for the US having 5,000+ nuclear warheads?
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    I won't debate - I've done enough of that in the last 4 years with my republican friends, and it's futile to do so.

    I won't change your mind - you won't change mine.

    It's my opinion that Obama (still a corrupt politician with his own agendas like every other politician) is a better President than Bush.

    BTW, the negative rep that I received for voicing my opinion is ridiculous, but humorous. It's like saying "I don't agree with your opinion, so I will punish you for voicing it". That's why myself and others don't voice their opinion in these kinds of threads and they simply end up being one-sided threads. So, instead of being mature and simply disagreeing, or agreeing, people choose low tactics to lower the reputation of members who go out of their way to post and help others in order to gain said reputation. Not cool, but your tactics are humorous.

    Punished for voicing opinions: Thai troops fire at rioting protesters in capital - Yahoo! News
  11. not at all suprised obama is a bastard and he works 4 the same exact people that all the presidents worked 4

    oh yeah and all the presidents r related

  12. Taxing us more? Quite the opposite.

    Tax bills in 2009 at lowest level since 1950 -
  13. He just shitted all over that prize, didn't he?

  14. Only in bizarro world can you increase spending and lower taxes.

    Inflation is a tax. We pay hundreds of billions annually in interest on our debt, that's a tax.

    It's a sleight of hand.
  15. From the article:

    This sounds like a winner right here.
  16. This is th world we live in, and I don't think you will find one person that will disagree with you on this. Presidents, and politicians alike are just citizens of this country. And how has the average citizen controlled their spending? We live in a country where debt is somehow not only tolerated, but encouraged.

    No one cares about anyone else and it's all about how much money they can suck from someone else. It's a sick world that's based simply on the all-mighty dollar.

    So the banks can still send all the "preapproved" credit card letters. The Lenders can keep sending me notices to refinance. Commercials can tell me how my car should be better and how affordable it can be for ANYONE.

    It's a shame. Apparently debt is excusable. If you have a mortgage, that is understandable. If you have 50,000 in student loans, 5 maxed credit cards and a $50,000 car that they can't afford and you are unable to pay your bills, don't worry, the government will bail you out - providing you with "better loans" so people who make horrible decisions in life can get out of it and restart their debt.

    It won't change under Obama. It won't change under the next president. It will never change. At least not in our lifetime.

  17. Anythin to change the subject away from Obama, or make Obama appear "as just one of many etc. Anything to avoid laying the blame squarely on him where it belongs.

    Da Nile. It ain't just a river in Egypt anymore.

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