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  1. Should I start flushing?
    Barneys Farms Pineapple Express Auto.. 67 days old..

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  2. I just harvested pe auto barneys farm...wat lights and medium n nutes u using

  3. Lights - only 75w cfl's cause I don't know what to do about lights.. Where I live biggest CFL's that are possible to get - 40w and they are 25$ each, 25w are 6$ each but then I need many sockets and hps..only hps bulb that is in store - 400w and costs 200$..And +ballast n shit..and if I want only 1 plant.. Maybe I should get some kind of fluro tube but I dont know...

    Medium-I dont live in US and here arent 'brand mediums'.. Just random medium that was in my home with highest ph and still too low-5,3..

    Nutes- noname nutes, NPK 2,5-6,2-6,3..

    I live in shitty place where you cant get what you need but im trying..
  4. do you have a shipping address? Have an HPS and medium shipped to you that you order online...?
  5. There are not many sites I can order from..and shipping is usually pretty big.. But I will figure something out and I think there's no point for spending anything on PE anymore cause she won't live for a long time and I have few weeks for thinking and buying better lights :)
  6. Did u start flushin yet
  7. Naa, not yet..
  8. Got any new pix
  9. I took few pics for you but we got some blue cheese and ak and I forgot to upload them :D but they will be here in few hours :)
  10. :)
    but i will wait for buds to bloom up and then flush..

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  11. Yea I wood wait a tad longer
  12. That plant really shows what can be done with CFL's and on a tight budget. Congrats man! Looks good!
  13. Thanks :)
  14. She is down..

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    way too early, bro. Harvest when pretty much ALL the fan leaves have died off or are dying(yellow to brown). Like how plants look in the fall. Also look at the trichomes. Cloudy and a few amber is best. ALSO, when pistols recede into the calyxes, are all signs of its being time to harvest.
  16. I was looking at trichomes and they were milky+amber(10-20%), almost all pistils had turned orange, she wasnt drinking anymore and she lived for like 84 days and others usualy chop this strain down 2weeks earlier..
  17. Not everyone with the same strain will have the same results. Everyone's grow is different and it affects the plants differently. Dont go by what other have done, go by what your plant is telling you.
  18. Looked ready for me.. And what can I do now.. But I will post some closeup pics when she will be dry.. That phone camera sucks..
  19. Pic of one random bud..

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