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    what up peeps

    i got mad bored yesterday and put together a little veg box for this summer, fuck yaaah

    i got a few pictures they aren't anything spectacular. when i germinated i just put them in styrofoam and did a little hydro/soil in a rubbermaid with like... 80 watts of fluoros, now I have like.. 180w of fluoros!

    started 24... kept 6, gave away the rest of the 18 that lived. I must say they look pretty good so far.

    so my box aint perfect, but it gets the job done for now, I have some pictures before I had some other ideas, like a little fan (keeps it like 80 in that shit, compared to like.. on fire because I don't have any exhaust yet.. I just open the door every once in a while)


    http://img101.imageshack.us/g/image201105070006.jpg/ is the album, the pictures don't work for me, idk 'bout ya'll

    I still need to find some foil or something to line it, but it works for now I guess,

    will keep posted!
  2. everything looks goood but get your lights atleast 2" above your plants so they don't stretch , instead of foil paint the walls white or get some mylar
    good luck :smoke:
  3. dude i think i might know where your growing......you wouldnt happen to be in college in the southern states would you?

    no i'm not :\

    chcked em this morning, got another top growin, they all got 3 now. i'd put pics up but it's too much effort, I will this afternoon though
  5. Darn man that cabinet looks just like the one i am growing out of!!!! thats why i was guessing:eek:
  6. Your lights are too high.., CFL's should be like 2 in.

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