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  1. Just wanna start a weekly journal.  I do not have room for a tent, and stealth is a must.  Yes I bought a pre made grow box from PCGrowbox.com.   I know I could have built one for less, but i bought one, so it is what it is.  Stealthy and quiet.  Quality unit pre made and no hassle so I am happy.  
    Temps are nice and cool with the 4 23w cfl's @ 6500k.  Will switch to 2700k's at flower.  
    I also know I won't get too much yield out of a PC, but I'm the one choking this chicken, and it's just the wife and I so we will keep a perpetual grow going after 1st yield.  I believe you get out what you put in.  Growing 2 Auto AK's from Female seeds.
    The box is 26.5" tall, 18" deep and 8" wide.  My pots are 8" tall (1Gallon I believe) so I will have roughly 16" of vertical space to work with and with training this shouldn't be a problem.  Most all my previous auto's have been 18" or less without training.  Using FFOF and nutes will be determined within the next few days.  Water is ph correct.
    I plan to update photo's weekly to shoe progress.  Enjoy!
    Pics are 7 days and 3 days (above ground and first set of leaves determined day 1)


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  2. I'm curious about auto's. I'm subbed to see how it goes. Happy growing!
  3. Day 10, Day 6. All coming along nicely.

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    Moving along day 13 and 09.  The one in the middle of the grow box photo is a insurance plant (day 9) that I don't need now, so my brother in law will get a present to grow.  
    I have decided on Fox Farm for nutrients.  I will pick them up tomorrow and slowly start next week a little at a time with Big Bloom and will add Tiger Bloom at flowering.  
    With Auto's I have found Ocean Forest gets me all the way through veg with no problems.  Good for at least 3 to 4 weeks every time my friends.   Drop them straight into the soil as tiny seedlings.  No harm.
    Also I have found with Auto's, they need to go directly into the final container.  They grow so fast and the taproot goes straight down, they need to be in the biggest container from the very start that you can muster to fit in your box.  You DO NOT want to transplant an auto because it will slow them down to recover and you will lose time.  I used 1 gallon containers this time, but next time I may use my 8" rose pots instead.  They fit nicely, and are 1.75 gallon I believe.  I incorrectly stated earlier in the thread that these are the 8".  They are indeed 6" 1 gallon pots.

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  5. Day 15 and 11. I went to grow shop and actually went with General Organics line of nutrients. Will start them In 2 to 3 days.

    I believe I have 2 different pheno types of this strain. Auto AK47 from Female Seeds.

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  6. Day 22 and Day 18. Fan leaves on younger plant and lower leaves on older plant showing yellow spots. Treated with 2.5ml CalMag per 1 gallon with first dose of nutes at 2/3 strength.

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  7. Damn! Autos grow fast! Subscribing to see how this goes. :) 
  8. Thanks for the interest guys. I have never grown micro before.

    Next grow I'll use my 1.75 gallon pots. Could've and should've used them this time.
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  10. ?
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    Days 29 and 25 respectively.  Both in flower, no doubt.  I am moving this micro grow out of the pc case.  It just stinks too damn much.  Moving into a 18" x 36" closet.  Still a micro grow cuz they are Auto's in 1 gallon pots and its too late to transplant even if it were a option.  
    If I can figure out a carbon filter that works worth a shit, I will use the pc case again.
    Let's see how much bud I can pull out of 1 gallon containers!
    Edit:  I will also be using my 180 LED, so no more cfl's.  This should significantly boost production.

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  12. How many days from seed do these take? I have a candy kush auto on the go and just planted 2 biodiesel mass auto seeds which say take 65-70 days. Subbed as I wanna see what you get from these!

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  13. The grower says 56 days of flower. So 82 days total from first set of leaves (day 1). I'm looking at a April 3-7 harvest.

    My Lowryders previously were done in 70 days, so almost 2 weeks longer.
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    Mines 21 days and quite short and bushy, a few bud sites and this is first grow to sustain me and my girlfriend (so we dont have to deal with the dealers!)

    So hoping to get 3 ounces from 3 anything more ill be very pleased!

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  15. I have gotten an oz per plant under "less than ideal" circumstances before, ie, bad airflow, ph issues and lack of proper nutes. This was in 1.75 gallon containers. I have pulled 2.5 oz off a Dinafem Fruit Auto in a 5 gallon smart pot.

    I hope with experience I can pull 1 oz each out of 1 gallon. We'll see :/
  16. I'm using canna terra nutes that I've just picked up, 3ml to a litre of water which I only started on Thursday.
    So hopefully I can get an oz per girl!

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  17. Canna Terra's good 'spensive stuff! I am using General Organics. A little cheaper.
  18. To be honest, I wouldn't have got it other than I got a discount haha so I'm gonna make it last down to the last ml!

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  19. How big are these beauties now??

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