Pc Grow V.s Mini-Fridge Grow

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by IrishVices, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. I have been looking into different micro grow options and I am currently stuck debating which would be a better option, the PC grow box or the Mini-Fridge Grow. As I have been researching them its clear that they each have their pros and cons but I was wondering if one is considered to be more worthwhile. While I feel as the PC would be much simpler to set up (as they come with fans) I feel like the extra space I could get out of a mini fridge would be beneficial and make a difference in the plants yield.(biggest pc case I could find is <span>20" x 8" x 19", were as a medium sized mini fridge seems to be more around 30" x 20.5" x 20") I plan on using the ScOG method with either set up. So i guess im just looking for input on which method try! Any help would be appreciated! </span>
    Some other specific that I have would be:
    In a Micro grow would you use auto-flower or photoperiod seeds? As much as auto-flower is convient I like the idea of trying photoperiod so I could create clones for future grows.
    Ive heard rumors that Mini-Fridges are hard to cool even with fans(intake and exhaust fans) and the heat can cause stress to the plants. So for those who have done a mini-fridge grow is this true? is keeping the fridge cool a problem? 
    Again any help is greatly appreciated! 

  2. Hey mate, if you have the option I'd personally go with the fridge, purely for the vertical height.  I grow 12/12 from seed in a similar sized cabinet and have a girl at day 6 flower and she is stretching like crazy, I am constantly tying her down to control height, so I can imagine a PC would be a nightmare in this regard.
    I circulate air and exhaist with PC fans, I run 130w CFL and temps range from 70-80 depending on the time of day, light on/off. So you shouldn't have too many problems keeping the heat down.
  3. Fridge for sure. In a micro-grow every extra bit of height you can get is vital.

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