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  1. I was starting Pc grow camouflage my Shiz so my family wld find it,but my lol bro went through my Shiz so I jus took everything apart,instead going to go with an outdoor grow..put 3 germinated seeds in a lil gettho pot I made,so can't wait till those babies sprout..any how long do they take to sprout??:)
  2. about a week, they need proper lighting and soil and lots of TLC
  3. kinda late in the year for an outdoor, where im at anyways
  4. Is it to late?
  5. You will have a really shitty yield.

    You sound a little upset. Your little bro obviously invaded your privacy, which pisses you off.

    Now imagine your mother/father. Working hard to feed/clothe/house you and you repay them by growing in their house.

    Dude grow up and get some respect for your parents.
  6. QFT; grow the fuck up.
  7. now imagine the OP is working to support his parents who cant find a job, feel like an asshole yet? don't assume shit unless you know. I think you need to grow the fuck up
  8. Good for op if he is. But just for shits and giggles lets take a look at what he wrote shall we? I will correct the errors in a follow up paragraph. It's infotainment!

    See how many issues I found? This leads me to believe that he is not looking after his parents and that this kid is growing in his parents house illegally without them knowing.

    I don't care if he is supporting 50 orphans. If he is growing in his parents residence without there knowledge he needs to stop. He is committing a federal offense in the USA and that offense can bring down his parents property values, give him a criminal record and cause all kinds of headaches for his parents.

    Wait until you are 18 and have moved out of your mothers basement before you decide to grow. Regardless if it is indoor or outdoor.
  9. :laughing:
  10. So. Many. Typos.
  11. I doubt the OP is doing that. He's clearly underage because he still lives with is parents. I think you are an uptight prick, telling people to grow up and shit. It's not good to have this kind of stuff around kids, clearly his little bro had access.
  12. OP is clearly 12
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    Agreed. But..........................

    It's their, not "there".


    I love grammar policing the grammar police.

    High five!





    Edit: Oops! This thread is old as shit. Note to self; Don't post in threads from search results without checking the date.

  14. tell me. what do you get out of preaching too people on grasscity? for all you know hes trolling. shut. the. fuck. up.
  15. Lol you can really tell who the kids are and who the adults are...

    Anyways dont grow shit in your parents home. Its bad juju. Worst case is they could seize your parents house, best case is you get an ounce of weed you didnt have to pay for but took 2 months to grow.

    Just by the way you type its obvious your still a young teenager, and if your an adult and still talk like that, then lets face it, you probably still live with your parents anyways.

    Oh and its far too early to plant outdoors
  16. Mang this thread old as hell mang
  17. Grammar police still bug me.
  18. Why was this thread revived? Purely stupidity

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