PC grow box right for me?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by brian34, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, I been reading up on growing for a little bit but still learning a lot. Anyway, I want to do a small grow that will yield about 1.5-3oz about every 9 weeks. I need something that is relatively small and doesn't allow the smell to get out (or as little as possible since it will need to be opened and closed daily). I like the designs of PC grow boxes but Im afraid the yields won't be high enough with just one. I have considered setting up maybe a second and possibly a third but I don't want the electric bill to go up drastically. Do you guys think this multiple pc set up would be my best option or do you guys think their are better/easier designs for a micro grow like this. Any help is appreciated!
  2. Yielding that much in a pc grow box is insane. It will not happen. Unless you have some super short incredibly dense strain, it doesn't seem possible to me.

    You're looking for a perpetual grow now, which takes more space. You're going to need a large closet at least.
  3. Yeah, you're not gonna get that quantity from a pc box. Try a closet grow, or just get the tallest, biggest pc tower you can and LST like crazy and hope for the best. Don't use auto strains either.
  4. I was planning on doing a lot of LST, help maximize the small space. What kind of yield would you guys expect from a 2 pc set up. They are 21" tall and deep but only around 9" width. And why did you say not to use auto strains? I thought that's what a lot of people used for these small grows when they first start off
  5. I say bout half an oz total from both boxes.

    Edit : check out my grow journal. I'm growing in my closet and it doesn't take up too much space. I'm expecting a pretty decent yield. :)
  6. Well, autos are definitely great for beginners, and I would recommend them, but not for the amount of weed you want out of them. With regular seeds you have the control of when to flower when it's getting too big for your box.

    Are you planning on keeping the autos on 24 hours?

    Is a pc box your only option? Can you not do a closet grow or maybe some sort of larger box or cupboard?

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