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  1. so i set up my pc grow box exept for the lights i have a light that will git in there but right now it has a purple light on it do you think i can get a flurosent light for it? and if i can do you think i should just do that instead of buying the cfls cause id save more money doing that. im sure the cfls would do a better job but im just looking to get high here:smoke:
  2. Hey man, I'm by no means an experienced grower (just starting my first actually as well), but I will say this - from everything I've read, I can tell you that it's worth it just to drop the couple of bucks or however much it is to get yourself few CFLs. It's not that much, and with a PC case I don't think you'll need to spend more than $20 in total (if even that much) to get yourself a decent lighting set up. Your plants will will thank you for it, and you'll be happy you did when you finally go to light up. :bongin:

    I'd go with either 1x 42W 6500K, 1x 23/26W 6500K, and 1x 23/26W 2700K. You could also do 3x 23/26W 6500K and 1x 23/26W 2700K. Either one of the 23W or 26W is okay, but you want to make sure whichever brand/wattage you get that it puts out the most lumens you can find for that size. Either of these setups will give you a nice mixed spectrum of light for vegging, and if you reverse the numbers (42W+26W 2700K or 3x 26W 2700, plus 1x 6500K) you have the right spectrums for flowering.

    You could also drop ~$40 a piece on 125W CFLs on Amazon or somewhere else online, but if you're looking to save cash it's probably better just to load up on the smaller ones.
  3. but what kind of fluro light can i use for this i have the small ballast thing if you want to call it that. its just im wondering plus in the future i actually want to see the difference
  4. links would be great so i can go to the store and just buy them
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    Ballast thing? Sorry, I don't follow. Could you post a picture of it?

    The CFLs you posted are perfect for veg; Daylight usually means 6500K or 5000K. The 5000K is actually considered to be better by some people because you get a more mixed spectrum from the bulb, but if you decide to mix different spectrum bulbs into your setup it won't make that huge of a difference. You really only need 1 of the 23W Daylights if you're going to get the 42W Daylight, otherwise that 4 pack is perfect. Probably the most economical way to do it would be to get a 4 pack of 23W Daylight and a 4 pack of 23W Soft White (Soft White is usually somewhere between 2500K and 3000K, perfect for flowering). When you go into flowering, simply swap the number of Soft White you have in relation to the number of Daylight (3 Daylight to 1 Soft White in veg, the opposite for flower).

    However, 4 bulbs can potentially take up a decent amount of space in a small space like a pc case, especially because you're gonna have to set up a way to mount sockets for them in the case. I'd personally suggest 2 main sockets and a Y-socket insert for each (splits one socket into two), but you could probably get away with 4 sockets as well. While they don't list them on the website, Home Depot also stocks these generic work lamps that come with clamps and dome-shaped aluminum reflector hoods. I'm gonna guess that you don't have the space for the hoods, but luckily they're easily detachable from the lamp socket (basically just pull it off). From here, I'd detach the clamp (it's attached to the lamp fixture with an adjustable screw so you can change the angle the light is facing) and then attach the socket somewhere to the frame of your case. These lamps run anywhere between $6 for the smallest to about $12 for the largest ones. Since you don't need to worry about size, I'd suggest getting two of the smallest ones. Keep the reflector hoods in case you eventually decide to upgrade to a larger space, they could come in very handy with a 100+w CFL plugged into the lamp.

    Do you by chance have a pic of your setup? Having some kind of visual reference would be helpful.

    EDIT: Found the clamp lights! Unfortunately, this is on the US site. They don't seem to exist on the Canadian site, and the US site doesn't ship to Canada. I did find them on Ebay, though.

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