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  1. I am about 2 weeks into post-germination. Any thoughts on the progress of these 2 random bag seeds? They look distinctly different from each other. One looks like an indica and the other a sativa. Anyone have any opinions on what I have so far?

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  2. You have 2 plants !!!!

    It's toooooo early to say but the one on the left looks sad and the one on the right looks eaten or it's a mutant,
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    It's definetely a mutant. They are growing so fast, I thought they were looking happy. The new leaves on the mutant one look MUCH better. The other one on the right has really thick leaves, which make me think it might be an indica. I have it in ocean forest soil. I may be over watering it slightly. Will watering left make them perk up/speed up growth?

    Here are some more pics from today. When should I transplant into that bigger container they are sitting in?

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